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9 (Inferior) Alternatives to Garage Shield

These 9 alternatives to Garage Shield are among the first objections that people may have when considering the product:

Get a Gun:
A gun won’t protect your home while you are at work, nor protect you while you’re deep asleep. Guns, ammo, and training also cost a lot of money, whereas The Garage Shield is only $19.95 and installs in seconds.

Get a Dog:
An untrained guard dog may not respond whatsoever to a defensive situation. That said, buying a dog, feeding it, vet bills, and training it takes tremendous resources. The Garage Shield installs in seconds and costs only $19.95, and may even protect your dog!

Get an Alarm:
Alarms are expensive, and rarely monitor the garage door itself. Should the alarm trigger, criminals can simply close the garage door and wait for the police to leave (while they load up on your belongings). The Garage Shield is added protection for only $19.95.

Lock your Door:
Think about how a garage door lock works—mostly manual, right? Most people prefer to use remotes for garage doors when leaving or arriving, especially on rainy days. If you don’t use a remote, then you don’t need an automatic garage door opener in the first place. If you have a remote, then you have an automatic opener and should consider the Garage Shield for only $19.95.
up a tremendous amount of resources

Cops will Respond:
The 6-second break-in leaves no evidence of forced entry. No forced entry means no sign of criminal activity. If no sign of criminal activity, cops will generally leave assuming you had a false alarm. The Garage Shield is only $19.95 and proven effective in blocking intruders.

Insurance will Cover:
Insurance claims can be denied if there is no sign of forced entry. The Garage Shield, if tampered with, provides much needed evidence of forced entry and costs only $19.95.

Get Door Aligned:
A garage door service call can cost hundreds of dollars and requires a trained technician. The Garage Shield is only $19.95 and can be installed by anyone.

Build it Yourself:
You’ll need time designing, planning, various hardware (probably in bulk), wasted scrap materials, a hardware store trip(s), gas for your car, trial and error, and your personal time. The Garage Shield installs in seconds, without tools, is already designed not to interfere with your opener, and costs only $19.95.

Zip Ties:
Using zip ties to lock a garage door violates UL Code 325 and Federal regulations, because they can trap you in your home during a fire. Many news channels have been criticized for advocating zip ties as they propagate a very dangerous solution. A new report by CBS in Texas has proven a much safer and just as simple solution called the Garage Shield.

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