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Abode Home Security Review | SafeWise

Protection From Home Invasions

Abode Home Security Review | SafeWise

Abode FAQs 

Can I use Abode without a Wi-Fi connection? 

Yes, the Abode systems come with an ethernet cable that you can connect directly into your router, giving them access to the internet and other smart home devices without connecting to Wi-Fi. 

How does professional monitoring work?  

Under the Pro plan ($20/mo.), Abode will connect you with professionals who will also watch your system, allowing you to relax and go about your day without worrying about false alarms or break-ins. If your system senses a problem, it will send alerts to the professional monitoring center where trained techs will contact you and send the right emergency responders if there is trouble. 

How do I avoid false alarms? 

False alarms happen, especially when you’re first learning the system. Start by explaining the system to everyone in your household. They should be aware of how the system works and how to arm or disarm it. If you have pets, be sure to lower the motion sensor sensitivity. Toki the cat weighs around 15 pounds and managed to set off the alarm several times during our tests. 

Does Abode charge a cancellation fee?

Thankfully, no. Abode won’t charge you for canceling, but you might be charged for the remainder of the month if you don’t cancel early. Bills from Abode come through at the beginning of the month, so if you cancel later, you may have to pay. But the good news is there’s no fee or charge for canceling.

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