ADT Alarm System

ADT Alarm System

The ADT alarm system is one of the leaders in providing electronic home security systems and services in the United States. The ADT alarm system features state of the art, highly advanced and sophisticated security systems and services.
The ADT alarm system is composed of security system, surveillance system or electronic article surveillance (close circuit system), fire detection system, alarm system, gaseous extinguishing systems.
The ADT alarm system is the oldest and one of the largest electronic home security companies in the United States. The American District Telegraphy Company which was founded way back in 1874 is the forerunner of the present ADT alarm systems and service. The American District Telegraphy Company originally offered simple call boxes or telegraphs. At present, the ADT has become the top electronic security company that provides security protection of the top companies, financial institutions and millions of homes in the United States.
The ADT alarm system has four levels of safety measures against burglars. The first level is the “yard sign”. The yard sign serves as a warning to potential burglars. Most burglars are discouraged from committing burglary whenever the house or establishment is advertised with the alarm system. The second level in the ADT alarm system is the “window decals”. Window decals serve as a secondary warning in case if the burglar has not noticed the yard sign. The third level of the ADT alarm system is the “alarm siren”. A very loud alarm siren will be triggered if unauthorized entry is detected by the ADT alarm system inside the house or establishment. The last level of the ADT alarm system is the “round the clock monitoring”. The ADT alarm system monitors the house or establishment “twenty-four hours a day” and will alert or call the local law enforcement agency if the alarm is triggered.
The ADT alarm system is monitored by highly certified staff. The ADT staffs are trained to manage emergencies such as flood, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The ADT Home Security has an extensive array of equipments available, depending on the request of its clients.
The main product of ADT Home Security is alarm monitoring services. ADT Home Security maintains a centralized monitoring base that collects electronic signals from the ADT alarm systems installed in the United States. If the security system is triggered, such as an unauthorized entry or intrusion, the security system then sends off a signal to the ADT monitoring station. A monitoring specialist then checks the data that is sent by the security system and the specialist then chooses what type of response the alarm signal requires. In some cases, the monitoring specialist will contact the residence or the owner of the establishment by the use of a telephone to further investigate and determine if the alarm is false or not. If the specialist determines that the situation is not a false alarm, the local police department is then contacted.


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