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Annual Garage Door Upkeep List for New House

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Annual Garage Door Upkeep List for New House

Annual <a class="glossaryLink" href="" target="_blank" data-gt-translate-attributes='[{"attribute":"data-cmtooltip", "format":"html"}]'>Garage Door</a> Upkeep List for New House|GaragaAvoid to primary material.

You got a brand name brand-new garage door a couple of months back and you’re questioning if there’s anything you ought to inspect routinely to guarantee that it keeps on working.

Here’s a list divided into 3 significant areas to assist you make certain that your door will open and close with no issues, particularly when you require it most.

The very first thing you require to do is go inside your garage. If you have an electrical garage door opener, prior to you do anything else, pull the red emergency situation cable

Action 1: Confirmation of the garage door system

Garage door:

  • Exists any area that’s harmed from being struck by a car?
  • Do the joints in between the areas close so that they’re weather-tight?
Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Checklist for New Homes

Spring system:

  • In the beginning look, exist any damaged springs?
  • Do they have a great deal of rust on them?


  • Is anything bent or twisted?
  • Are the screws appropriately tightened up?
  • Is the lifting cable television effectively connected to the hinges at the bottom of the door?


  • Are any of them damaged or used?
  • Do they roll in the tracks (instead of moving)?

Raising cable televisions:

  • Are they torn?
  • Do they wind properly around the reel situated at the top of the vertical track?

Raising the door:

The function of this action is to confirm that the whole lifting system works effectively. With simply one hand:

  • Does your door appear slow or hard to raise?
  • Does your garage door open in fits and starts?

Action 2: Confirmation of the garage door opener

Ensure ahead of time that the door opener carriage is working.

Mechanical security reverse system:

Location a piece of wood (2 × 4) on the limit of the door. Close the door utilizing your remote.

  • When the door strikes the piece of wood, does it return up?

Photoelectric security reverse system:

2 boxes set up 4″ in the air on the vertical tracks

  • When you stick your foot in front of the photoelectric system, does the door return up?

Wall control board:

This lies on the wall near the door entering into your home

  • Does the “open/close” button work effectively?
  • What about the one to turn the light on and off?
  • And what about the one to disable the remote? ( Press the button and attempt to work the garage door opener utilizing your remote)


  • Last But Not Least, have you altered the battery in your remote?
  • Is the door opener antenna correctly extended?

Action 3: Lubrication of the metal parts


  • Have you been oiling all the metal parts of your door opener every 6 months ( prior to and after the winter)?

If you do not have time to do all that, keep in mind that among our Garaga Specialist can do it for you or complete the online service demand kind.

You can likewise print out the confirmation list in PDF Format.

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