Best Door & Window Sensors

iSmartAlarm Sensor: Fewer False Alarms

iSmartAlarm door and window sensor uses wireless communication to “speak” to other smart devices in your house so you’ll get fewer false alarms. It can reach other devices up to 320 feet away and sends a text when it detects unauthorized use. 

This sensor is easy to install and move around the house too. Use double-sided tape to stick this alarm to your windows, door frames, cabinets, and other entryways. So as the baby gains mobility or an area goes off-limits, you’ll know when someone’s entering an area they shouldn’t. 

The iSmartAlarm contact sensor is compatible with a suite of other motion sensors, indoor security cameras, and the whole iSmartAlarm system. This standalone system doesn’t require contracts or monthly monitoring, making it easy to self monitor your home from anywhere. 

And while the price may throw you off initially, it comes in packs of two, making it around the same price as the SmartThings sensor.


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