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Best Smart Light Switches of 2020

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Best Smart Light Switches of 2020

4. Kasa Smart: Budget pick

Kasa Smart sells three smart light switch models for under $30, making it the most affordable brand in our top five. Its base model, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, usually costs $20 or less but lacks a dimmer feature and compatibility with 3-way switches.

Fortunately, Kasa Smart sells dimmer and 3-way variants if you want those for your home. Even with fewer features, this switch is ideal for controlling lights with a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.

We also like that the Kasa Smart app allows you to schedule lights, but the best feature of this switch is its away mode. When you set your devices to away mode, they randomly toggle lights to give the appearance that someone’s home.

As with most budget brands, these switches can feel cheap and fail unexpectedly in some cases. If you have a problem with your light switch, you can take advantage of Kasa Smart’s two-year warranty.

Unfortunately, the company has less-than-stellar customer service according to some user reviews, so using the warranty to its fullest can involve jumping through hoops.

Don’t forget that Kasa Smart requires a neutral wire, meaning it doesn’t play nice with older homes. Overall, Kasa Smart is a great way to add smart light switches to an Alexa- or Google-controlled smart home without busting your budget.

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