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Frontpoint: Best Customer Service

If customer service is as important to you as a dependable wireless connection and easy installation, Frontpoint wireless security is definitely worth your time. 

Its website is transparent about pricing and equipment features, and you can easily find help if you have questions while shopping. The live chat option offers straightforward information without high-pressure sales tactics

Frontpoint’s customer service stuck with us. We spoke with Chidi O., who responded quickly, clearly, and politely. He even gave us a code for an additional $25 off a Frontpoint system. 

Frontpoint’s price is a little higher than Abode’s or SimpliSafe’s, but the system’s become more accessible since it requires no contract and offers financing options. Equipment packages start at $319.95, with monitoring at $44.99 per month. If you choose to finance, you can get a Frontpoint system with $0 down. 

The system also has a ton of equipment options like security cameras with motion detection and two-way audio, motion and contact sensors, and fire and carbon monoxide detectors. There are fewer options for home automation through Frontpoint, but the company does have a few gadgets like a video doorbell to make your home smarter. 

As a wireless alarm system, Frontpoint takes a slightly different approach than its competitors. This wireless system relies primarily on cellular signals rather than Wi-Fi, so you get a steadier, more reliable connection

And in case of an emergency, your backup battery will last for 24 hours. Frontpoint also has backup monitoring centers if the nearest cell tower fails. So you’ll still be protected even if the cell signal fails. This strategy pays off because Frontpoint’s system can support up to 80 devices in your home. 

Our Customer Service Experience

Frontpoint has quality equipment and flexible payment options, but what really made this wireless security company stand out is the customer service. We love the low-pressure, friendly approach of the rep we spoke with. Plus, you can opt for a no-contract option for a little extra up front. 

Our full Frontpoint review dives deeper into Frontpoint’s security equipment.

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