Blackwater Security Consulting

Blackwater Security Consulting

Are you working in the military or in law enforcement industry? Heard about Blackwater USA? Blackwater has been considered for long years as one of the largest providers of operational trainings and solutions in the world. They offer this kind of services as their own means of supporting the security, peace, freedom and democracy which they think should prevail everywhere.

Blackwater USA was established in 1997 and was considered throughout the United States and the world as a private military contractor and security firm since then. They have gone through a number of developments, and one of the most notable achievements they have made is the foundation of the Blackwater Security Consulting.

The Blackwater Security Consulting is in the first place a strategic division of Blackwater USA. It was developed just in 2002 and was operated by the then Vice President of the company itself, Jamie Smith. It was also this man who became the first director of this security consulting firm.

Unlike the other divisions of Blackwater USA, Blackwater Security Consulting has originated from the Special Operations community. For long years, it has played the role of the main consulting agency, helping everyone involved in the operation to sustain their skills and capabilities they have acquired through trainings for over the years. It is nice to know that the Blackwater Security Consulting, with a strong aim to support both the national and commercial law enforcement operations, is run and managed by staff that is highly trained, experienced and is renowned for dealing with situations and operations so risky and complex.

There are a number of services offered by the Blackwater Security Consulting. One of the most preferred is the training. This service is offered based on the division’s aim of becoming the standard for security and protective operations training in the industry. With that, Blackwater Security Consulting provides training available for the government and corporate security teams and individuals who are working in high risk situations, such as counter-surveillance, close protection, evasive and defensive driving, surveillance, defensive tactics and surviving hostage situations, as well as in surveillance detection. To put it simply, the Blackwater Security Consulting offers training for companies and agencies that manage emergency planning and counter-terrorism plans and programs.

Protective solutions, security vulnerability assessments and risk analysis, and mobile security teams are among the other notable services offered by the Blackwater Securituy Consulting. All of these services are developed for one main purpose – to help companies and agencies operating in the law enforcement and military industry improve their systems.

Today, the Blackwater Security Consulting is continually operating to strengthen the military forces through their services. They have also opened several opportunities for those who wish to engage in military service. This division of Blackwater USA is even the one who is currently providing trained and qualified Protective Security Specialists to conduct security operations in Iraq. Its people are subjecting themselves to high risk which they can always handle.


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