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Building a Safe Room in Your Garage: Why is it Important?

Protection From Home Invasions

Building a Safe Room in Your Garage: Why is it Important?

Building a Safe Room in Your Garage: Why is it Important?

A garage can be more than an area to house your cars, it can be a place of safety, protection, and practicality. As a result, many homeowners have considered a safe room inside of their garage for security purposes or for shelter during natural emergencies, like a tornado or a hurricane.

Safe rooms are an excellent investment to attract potential future home-buyers by upgrading your home’s features, technology, and its reselling value.  Rooms that are discreetly designed to offer additional protection and safety to families and loved ones are becoming popular.

Being prepared is never a bad thing, and for those who enjoy planning ahead and laying out safety measures for themselves and their families, then installing a safe room inside your garage is yet another priority to take.

building a safe room in your garage

Multi-Purpose Garage

Your garage can be as industrial or as modern as you want, extending its purposes far beyond its original intention of storing cars and off-season items.  In today’s world, garages have been modified to uniquely accommodate homeowners and pursue individualized invention for exterior and interior design.

Pushing the boundaries of the garage has introduced the safe room as a compelling idea in ingenuity and convenience.  Whatever the reason you want to install a safe room somewhere on your property, using the garage as a means to house the room is an excellent way to use already existing structures.

With a safe room installed inside your garage, you’re allowing the structure to have a multi-purpose use, which can ultimately contribute to the resale value of your home.

More Cost-Effective Than a Freestanding or Underground Safe Room

For homeowners investigating the full scope of their options for safe rooms, building one inside of the garage could be the most practical and money-wise route. Safe rooms, while a smart idea, can be expensive to construct on any property.

Many safe rooms are built underground, to which the foundational construction alone can be wildly costly. Underground safe rooms require expensive digging, construction equipment, skilled engineers and builders to install.

Freestanding safe rooms built above the ground can cut down on the costs of construction, but take up parts of your property, decreasing the aesthetics and potentially reducing the resell value of the home for future buyers who aren’t interested in having a shelter built on the property.

Incorporating a safe room inside of your garage can hide it out of sight for aesthetics and for additional safety measures.  If your safe room is for protection, then having it hidden away inside of a garage for a seamless design can provide an extra layer of security.

For homeowners looking to have an unnoticeable shelter to better resell their home to a broader market of potential buyers, a safe room tucked away inside a garage is the route to go.

Home Should Feel Safe

Home security is at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind.  Regardless of the neighborhood or city, you reside in, safety is always a priority, which is why so many homeowners turn their attention to constructing a safe room.

With the technology implemented for security purposes these days, anything is achievable, and this has lead to more and more homeowners looking to incorporate a safe room on their property.

Your home should feel safe, and a safe room can act as insurance for a “just-in-case” emergency situation, whether it involves intruders, a national emergency, or a natural disaster.  A garage is a perfect place to include a safe room because of it’s attached to the house, with many homes having a door leading directly into the garage itself.

 Offers Protection From Natural Disasters

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters strike at random times in every place across the United States.  From the east coast to the west coast, it doesn’t matter where you live, every region has its bouts of heavy rain, winds, flooding, and cyclones.

A safe room can offer protection from uncontrollable and unruly, disastrous weather.  Safe rooms have come a long way from storm shelters back in the day, especially now that technology can be so easily integrated into their construction.  Store food, water, and other necessary survival gear in your safe room during times of unpredictable natural crises.

Safe rooms can be individualized to whatever needs you feel are necessary.  People choose to include safe rooms in their garages because of the close proximity they offer to the rest of the house, with a bonus of being able to center the safe room so it doesn’t include exterior walls.  Enclosed rooms with interior walls are only beneficial for protecting tornadoes from harming residents.

Your safe room can be designed to meet the criteria of weather disasters prone to affecting your geographical region. By incorporating a safe room inside of your garage, you and your loved ones are a few feet away from protection, nestled safely in the optimal location inside of your garage.

An Additive for Measured Security

Intruders are one of the worst fears of any sensible homeowner, and the reason for deadbolts, secured windows, key codes, and durable locks.  There’s a chance in every neighborhood and city for a potential break-in, but with a safe room, you can give your family and loved ones the opportunity to regain control over intruders.

A garage safe room is close enough to escape to and can be seamlessly hidden for an extra layer of security.  Technological safeguards can be implemented to contact emergency services and even to control certain aspects of the house, especially if the home has Smart Home capabilities.

With millions of homes across the United States being burglarized and leading up to sometimes-fatal situations, safe room installations have become increasingly prominent, especially in garages.

A safe room hidden in a garage can mislead any intruder, and because the safe room isn’t a separate free-standing shelter located on the property that’s easily spotted, homeowners and their loved ones regain the upper hand in these dangerous situations.

detached garage safe room

Don’t Be Unprepared Without a Garage Safe Room

Safe rooms are a positive investment any homeowner can incorporate into their garages for a discreet installation that provides many benefits of security and protection.

Safe rooms have increased in popularity over the years with violence, disaster, and intrusions becoming prevalent issues in today’s society, and because of this, new homeowners are looking for aspects of future and potential homes that can prevent these situations from occurring.

Many of these rooms can be tailored to accommodate you and your family’s needs with numerous technological measures installed alongside.

There are plenty of companies that can work to develop a blueprint design of the safe room right for you, your home, and your family.  Many of these companies offer lifetime warranties to ensure that the safe room is a lasting investment.

Safe room companies will also be sure to have you register your new room with emergency services, like the local police and fire department.  For your family’s safety and your own, it’s imperative to consider installing a premium safe room in your home, your garage is the most advantageous space.

Detached Garage Can Be Safe

When it comes to your garage and safety, the best garage for you and your family is a detached garage. Detached garages have many advantages over attached garages and it doesn’t even come close. Normally, a break-in or burglary starts at home and intruders are always looking for expensive possessions.

Your attached garage could be used for a break-in and it won’t take long until intruders knock down your entry door to your home. Entry doors inside garages are the safe haven for intruders because they are inside the proximity and they are away from the public eye.

At Danley’s, we consider detached garages a safe room because it’s not attached to your home and intruders won’t take the risk of breaking into your garage if they can’t break-in to your home. We have built over 100,000 detached garages since 1959 and we are on the cusp to build more garages. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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