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Can Garage Doors Be Eco-Friendly?

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Can Garage Doors Be Eco-Friendly?

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Lately, there has been a shift in people’s mindset, with more attention to “green” or eco-friendly products. If you are asking yourself, can a garage door be green? The answer is “Yes!”

When considering garage doors, there are three main factors that contribute to their environmental friendliness:

  • 1. Materials used in the manufacturing process.
  • 2. The sustainability of the manufacturing process itself.
  • 3. Energy efficiency and insulation.
Can Garage Doors Be Eco-Friendly?

Manufacturing Materials

Eco-friendly garage doors must be manufactured using recyclable components. For instance, the aluminum used in Garaga doors is completely recyclable and the steel that is used is 25% recycled.

The Garaga door has a life of 25 years, which means less need for maintenance and, therefore, fewer materials consumed. The need for replacement is also diminished. Simply put, fewer doors are produced and lesser amounts of material are used as a result. The door is completely made out of steel and aluminum, so no trees were cut down either.

Manufacturing Process

Any scrap metal, cardboard and polystyrene leftover is recycled. The process itself is highly energy efficient. Care is taken not to misuse energy or cause any unnecessary wastage.

Energy Efficiency

The extreme weather of Canada is the reason that most garages are heated during the cold months. This makes energy efficiency an important factor for conscious buyers.

Polyurethane injected Garaga doors provides an R-Value of 12 to 18, to maintain the eco-friendly nature of the door.

While this is a better R-Value compared to other garage doors using polystyrene foam core. Futhermore, here are additional features improve the energy efficiency of our products:

  • Triple contact interlocking.
  • Sealed thermo pane windows.
  • Double lip ThermaBlok Frame weather stripping.
  • Flexible U-shaped bottom weather stripping.

At Garaga, we are strongly committed to manufacturing eco-friendly garage doors. Ask us how you can install a “green” garage door to preserve the environment while cutting down your energy costs!

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