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Can I Get a Home Security System Without a Phone Line in 2020?

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Can I Get a Home Security System Without a Phone Line in 2020?

While security systems have typically relied on a home phone or other landline to provide an around-the-clock link to the security company, the age of cell phones forced changes in the industry. These days, the comfort of security monitoring is available without the necessity and extra expense of a home phone line.

With more families choosing to forgo a home phone in favor of a group cell phone plan, it makes sense that security companies have found a way to evolve. Although wireless monitoring was originally developed to provide a backup in the event of a blackout or other home phone outage, many security companies now offer it as a standalone service.

Wireless monitoring uses similar technology to your cell phone in lieu of a land line to provide 24/7 protection to you and your family.

The connection is maintained by utilizing cell towers near your home or through the installation of a cellular transmitter that is installed on your property. Since there is no reliance upon a landline, internet connection or electrical power, there is no need to worry about losing your security monitoring due to cut lines or other outages.

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There are also extra benefits to having a security system that is linked to your cell phone, such as text alerts and remote access to your system from across town or across the country. And home automation features such as remote control of lights, locks and the thermostat can also be included in your home security package.

If you’ve been considering discontinuing your home phone service but thought your home security would be compromised, SafeWise recommends checking out the options available on our easy to use system finder. We can help you find the right security system that can keep you protected even if you don’t have a home phone. Call one of our helpful security experts at 1-800-398-2128 today and bring your home monitoring into the 21st century.

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