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Case Study: Another Happy Customer!

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Case Study: Another Happy Customer!

Recently, a potential client from Riverton called us to report that they were having some trouble opening and closing their garage door. We set up an appointment for a technician to come to the customer’s home to evaluate the situation and provide an estimate.

Upon arriving at the site, our technician quickly saw that the door and rollers were falling out of the track and that the track itself was bent. After explaining the problem to the customer and getting the go-ahead to begin repairs, our technician got the door up and set the door cables on drums so he could get the rollers back in the track. Once he had done that, he let the door back down, bent the track back into alignment, and made sure that the door was properly balanced.

Once the problem had been fixed, the technician advised the customer that he may want to consider investing in a new roller to help the door roll up better, as well as better cables to hold the door.

The door was in pretty bad shape when our technician arrived, but the customer quickly learned that there’s no problem that A Plus can’t fix!

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