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Case Study – Just Rolling Along, Herriman, UT

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Case Study – Just Rolling Along, Herriman, UT

Down in Herriman, Utah a man came home to his garage door mangled and falling apart. Thanks to his neighbor he knew that we would provide him with the best garage repair service and he called us right away. We sent out good ole Elijah to the scene of the mangled garage door to take a peek and see what he thought he could possibly do to make the man’s day that much better.

Elijah identified the problem the customer had as a hung door with a few broken cables and worn out rollers that had passed their prime a long time ago. Frankly it was surprising that the garage door had not fallen sooner than it had considering two of the most important parts of the door were rendered useless. There was only one tried and true way to fix this problem for our customer and put his garage door back into place.

Elijah used torsion reset to reset the torsion spring on the door to make sure it was tight and not giving any slack for the door to move or not be able to move farther than it should. This then allowed Elijah to put in new cables to allow the door to be pulled up and down by the motor so our customer could go in and out of his garage as he pleases. Elijah also replaced the worn out rollers so the door does not roll out of place again. The cables and the worn out rollers being defective were the real cause of all the damage done to the door. Once those were in place and secured Elijah moved on to straightening the door out as it had bent when it fell from the open position.

Elijah brought the entire two-car garage door down to the closed position and work it back into place to be hooked to the brand new cables and lined it up onto its brand new rollers. Before Elijah was done he mentioned one more thing to his customer. He told that although he just installed brand new parts to his garage door and it works beautifully for now, he still needs to keep an eye on the torsion springs and the bottom panel of the garage door as they may have problems in the future. Although your garage door works perfectly today, a few months down the road may not be the same as that is how life works sometimes.

Elijah used his ingenuity and experience in the industry of garage doors to repair the customers garage door instead of costing him more money and outright replacing the entire door. By the pictures you can see that arriving to the customers house might have led a less experienced garage door technician to over price the job and tell the customer he has no other choice than to pay for a new garage door. At A+ Garage Doors we always work to make sure you are receiving superior service above what any other company could possibly do.

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