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Compare Frontpoint vs ADT Security Systems

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Compare Frontpoint vs ADT Security Systems

Frontpoint and ADT monitored plan prices aren’t unreasonable, but neither company is what we’d call a budget option. If price is your priority and you’re willing to install your security system yourself, Frontpoint will be a better deal for you.

The monthly monitoring plans with ADT tend to be more expensive than comparable plans at other companies. Ultimately, when you choose ADT, you’re paying for professional installation, its reliable reputation, and the confidence that comes with six monitoring centers (rather than the two Frontpoint has).

Monthly monitoring plans with ADT tend to be more expensive than comparable plans at other companies.

Frontpoint monitoring plans start at $44.99 and go to $49.99 per month. They both connect with a monitoring center through a cellular connection, meaning Frontpoint’s not a good choice if you have spotty cell coverage at your home. 

ADT monitoring plans start at $27.99 and go to $62.99 per month. Note that the $27.99 price point is a landline, wired monitoring plan, and the other packages are cellular, meaning they connect to a monitoring center through a cellular network.


Our recommended ADT provider, SafeStreets, offers only professional installation starting at $99, while Frontpoint sticks with a DIY-only approach (ahem, free). Whether you choose DIY (self-install) or professional installation is really a preference and matter of budget.

Frontpoint’s equipment comes pre-programmed with clear instructions to make setup easy. For most customers, it doesn’t take longer than half an hour and doesn’t require you to bust out any tools. One of the main perks of DIY install is that you can put your equipment wherever you want, whenever you want—no need to take time off work and let someone into your house.

With an ADT monitored plan from SafeStreets, an installer comes to your home to review its entry points and potential weak spots, then makes custom recommendations based on your needs. The main perk here is that a professional will know how to maximize the effectiveness of your security system, and they may spot opportunities that you wouldn’t see on your own.

Customer service

ADT provides better hours to contact customer service, but both companies have positive reviews regarding customer support.

ADT customer service availability

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Method of contact: phone, live chat, and email

Frontpoint customer service availability

  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (ET); Saturday–Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (ET)
  • Method of contact: phone or email to request phone call

Cancellation policies

Frontpoint no longer requires a contract, making it easy to cancel its monitoring services. On the other hand, if you cancel early with ADT, you’re on the hook for 75% of the remaining balance.

Trial period

ADT has the entire industry beat with its six-month satisfaction guarantee (certain restrictions apply).  By comparison, Frontpoint’s trial period is 30 days, which is pretty standard across the industry.


A D T Equipment
Frontpoint Equipment
With ADT equipment, you can buy high-decibel alarms, but Frontpoint doesn’t offer them. Frontpoint does offer more options for security cameras than ADT, and Frontpoint has smart light bulbs.


ADT and Frontpoint both offer motion-sensor doorbell cameras that allow you to see and speak to people at your front door when you’re not there. You can also get outdoor and indoor cameras from both companies that allow you to remotely view live footage.

The main difference? Frontpoint has more camera options than ADT, and professional video monitoring will cost less from Frontpoint.

Mobile app

Frontpoint uses a third party for its mobile app, ADT has its own app called Control. We’ve found that both apps work well.

Home automation

Frontpoint lets you build out your home automation for less than ADT.

Frontpoint lets you build out your home automation for less than ADT. You can get access to home automation features with Frontpoint’s $44.99 a month plan, but ADT charges a lot more for the same.

Frontpoint uses geofencing so you can set up your system to make specific things happen based on your location. For example, when you’re pulling up to your house after work, you can have the lights turn on and your security system disarmed. That way, you don’t need to fumble with your phone or worry about keying a password into a keypad. This especially comes in handy if you need to carry groceries into the house or if you’re wrangling kids and don’t have your hands free.

Frontpoint also allows you to set what it calls “scenes” with your system, locks, smart plugs, thermostat, and lights. These make it so you can set up, say, a bedtime or morning routine to lock your doors, turn off your lights, and arm your system. Then you can select the scenes from your app before you hit the hay or run out of the house before work.

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