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Compare SimpliSafe vs. ADT Home Security

Protection From Home Invasions

Compare SimpliSafe vs. ADT Home Security

Customer service

Buying equipment is easier with SimpliSafe than with ADT monitoring through SafeStreets. With SimpliSafe, you can buy everything online without making phone calls or having a back-and-forth. ADT doesn’t have that option. You have to talk to an agent and get a quote. Then, during installation, the service person may also make suggestions. Basically, you may not know exactly what you’re spending until after everything’s installed, which makes it hard to budget for.

If you need to get ahold of customer service, ADT offers 24/7 support over the phone or through live chat. You can also get help over email.

SimpliSafe has long customer service hours—9 a.m. to midnight (ET)—but it doesn’t offer the 24/7 support that larger companies like ADT provide. It doesn’t have a live chat option, either.

But while SimpliSafe has less customer service availability, it offers financial flexibility that ADT doesn’t match. Because SimpliSafe monitoring plans are optional, you can cancel your monitoring service any time if you need extra money for holiday presents, medical bills, or moving expenses. And because SimpliSafe has no contracts, it doesn’t charge fees for canceling your monthly plan.

In contrast, ADT monitoring requires a 36-month contract. If you cancel early, you have to pay 75% of the remaining balance.

Overall, SimpliSafe is better-reviewed by customers than ADT is. But ADT serves millions of customers, while SimpliSafe has only a fraction of that.

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