Everyone wonders… did i remember to close my garage door this morning?

Nowadays, everything is fast paced and the daily grind rules our lives. We’re constantly running without ever giving our brains a break. In fact, you have most likely left home then suddenly wondered if you had remembered to lock the front door or even close the garage door.

Fortunately, today’s new technologies are leading to the development of tools to handle these small, yet important, details. With LiftMaster’s Elite Series of garage door openers, you are now able to know, wherever you are, if your garage door is closed. Just install the MyQ app on your smartphone and it becomes very easy to ensure that your garage, as well as your home, is safe and secure.

Among other things, the app can inform you if your garage door is open or closed. So, just imagine, it tells you that it’s still open. No problem. You have the technology to close it remotely using MyQ from your smartphone. Gone are the days of frantically having to make a U-turn and return home in order to make sure it is indeed closed and your belongings safe.

The advantage of LiftMaster and its MyQ app is that you remain connected to your home at all times. No need to worry throughout the day as to whether you had closed the garage door after pulling out. Instead, set your application to alert you if the door has stayed open. Have you had enough with getting lots of notifications on your phone? Again, no problem. There is a timer feature built-in to the door opener that can automatically close the door after you have left. One less thing to think about!

What if a friend wants to drop off a tool they had borrowed while you are away from home? Your app will let open the garage door and then reclose it once your friend has left. LiftMaster provides the ultimate in peace of mind, and what’s more, from anywhere you happen to be!! And have no fear – the MyQ app is password protected. This means you’ll be the only one who can access the app and perform the different available operations from your phone.