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Discover the Top Brands & Styles for Your Garage Freezers

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Discover the Top Brands & Styles for Your Garage Freezers

Time to Put a Freezer in Your Garage!

Big freezer with an open door in a garage

“You can have a freezer in an unheated garage. (freezer Gladiator)” – YourCarCave

What are you doing with all of the space you have in your garage? Are you making the best possible use of it? If you’re like a lot of people, you could be wasting space. You might simply have a lot of items that you don’t need. They could be piled up and taking over a lot of the useful floor space.

Garage doors are Standard+ Classic CC, 9' x 7', Ice White

You love timeless appeal? This is our most popular garage door design the Classic CC, 9’x7′, Ice White

Think about the ways that you could make some improvements to your garage. Cleaning it out, removing the junk, and getting organized is the first thing you’ll want to do. It’s time to organize and do something useful with the garage. One of the best options is to put a freezer into the garage.

Should You Put a Freezer in the Garage?

Is it really a good idea to put a freezer in the garage? Think about some of the benefits that it can offer.

Fewer trips to the store – Since you can fill up your garage freezer, you will not need to take as many trips to the store. This can help you to save time, as well as save on gas.

Buy items in bulk – When you have all of the extra space that a freezer offers, you can buy in larger quantities. This often means a substantial amount of savings.

Freeze meals – You can make meals ahead of time and then put them in the freezer until you are ready to use them in the following weeks.

Meat from hunting, fishing, etc. – If you or a family member hunts, fishes, raises livestock, etc., you will now have space to store the meat that you get.

These are just some of the biggest benefits that can come from putting a freezer in the garage in 2021. There is the initial cost of the freezer, but it can pay for itself sooner than you might think.

Top Styles and Brands of Freezer

You will have a wealth of options available when it comes to the style and brand of freezer that you choose. You can opt for large upright freezers, or you might prefer a freezer chest or portable freezer. You can find a range of sizes available, too. This will make it easier for you to find something that can work well with the space you have.

Upright freezers look a lot like a refrigerator.

However, they have only one door and are typically somewhat smaller. The entire unit is a freezer. And will have a range of shelves. They come in multiple finishes. Choose something that suits the aesthetics of your garage.

Chest freezers have a door that opens on the top.

It’s wider than it is tall. Often, these types of freezers will feature dividers that will help to keep food properly organized. These will also come in a range of finishes.

If you don’t have the room for a large freezer, a smaller portable option could be a nice choice. They are lightweight and can typically be picked up and carried around. Keep in mind that these will only store a small amount of food.

Some of the top brands for freezers in 2021 include:

● GE

● Frigidaire

● Arctic King

● Maytag

● Midea

You can find a host of styles and options available from these and other quality brands. Check out these 5 best upright freezers for the garage in 2021. You are sure to find a freezer that will be perfect for your garage. You can also check out Consumer Reports to find a great garage freezer.

When choosing a freezer for the garage, you have a range of options available. Take the time to find the right style and size.

Keep the Freezer Maintained

A garage freezer in need of defrosting and cleaning.

A freezer in need of maintenance. Image from Unsplash

Once you have your freezer in place, you also need to be sure that you are taking good care of it. This means cleaning it out and defrosting it regularly. You don’t want it to end up looking like the image above.

Typically, you will need to defrost your freezer about once a year. It could require defrosting more often if it is prone to building up ice. Whenever the ice is more than a quarter of an inch thick, defrost it.

Is Your Garage Ready for a Freezer?

Garage door is Moderno 2 beads, 6' x 7' and 10' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

You love modern or contemporary looks? You will appreciate this garage door, in Moderno 2 beads design, 6’x7′ for the shed and 10’x8′ for the attached garage, in Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

A freezer for the garage is a great idea, as you now know. However, if your garage door isn’t in good shape, it could become a problem. For example, what if your garage door is not properly insulated? It could mean you are wasting energy.

Having an R16 insulated garage door will make a big difference. It can keep the garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Older garage doors will often have other issues, as well. For example, they might have issues with the weatherstripping. This could allow hot or cold air to get into the garage.

If you plan to add a freezer or a refrigerator, you need to have a good garage door that is properly insulated. This will ensure that the appliances don’t have to overwork.

It’s important that you put some thought into the garage door you are considering. You want the door to be high-quality, insulated, and secure. Of course, you also want the garage door to have a great style to match your aesthetics.

Take the time to look at some of the various options. You can find great contemporary doors, traditional doors, carriage doors, and more. Find the solution that works for you.

Garage door: Shaker-Flat XS, 9' x 7', Desert Sand, Clear windows

You love the charming details of yesteryear swing doors? These garage door is a Shaker-Flat XS design, 9’x7′, Desert Sand Color, Clear windows

How Does a New Garage Door Sound?

If you are thinking about getting a new garage door, it’s time to contact your local Garaga garage door expert. You will find that you have just as many choices when it comes to the garage door as you do for your freezer.

Garaga dealers are indeed experts in garage doors. They have extensive experience, and they love helping you find the perfect garage door system at the right plus for you.

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