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DIY Home Security or Professional Security Installation – What’s Better for Me?

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DIY Home Security or Professional Security Installation – What’s Better for Me?

DIY Home Security or Professional Security Installation – What’s Better for Me?

Posted: October 15, 2019


Every security system needs to be installed, but whether you want a professional to install one for you, or install it yourself, the choice is entirely up to you. DIY home security is often cheaper, but a professional install is often more secure, more convenient and requires less elbow grease. Both home security solutions have their pros and cons and should be taken into consideration when making your decision.


Professional Home Security Installation

There’s a lot more to installing a home security system than you might think. As a homeowner, you are responsible for so many different things, but it doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at all of them – you just have to know who to call for help. The best part about professionally installed home security systems is that you can just kick back and let the pros make sure all your bases are covered.

Reasons for professionally monitored home security

Convenience and ease – Getting a professionally installed home security system means you won’t have to go through the trials of figuring it all out. Protect Your Home security advisor take care of all of the fitting and placement, and then thoroughly train you on how to operate your own system. Our highly trained and experienced installers can get your entire system mounted and connected in a day, and something as important as home security shouldn’t be delayed.

The Risk Assessment – a detailed risk assessment will be provided done by your security advisor to help guide the equipment and placement selection process. It’s critical to see things from a criminal perspective. Those decorative rocks in your flower bed can used to get in through a window. By doing a thorough assessment inside and outside, a home security professional can determine the risk level for each room and strategize your system accordingly.


Interconnectivity and Monitoring – With the ADT Pulse App, a fully integrated home security is programmed to work together and can be easily monitored through your smartphone. Alerts will be sent to an ADT Monitoring Center as soon as something is detected and will allow you to act accordingly right away. Without a connected system, security cameras can only record footage of the incident.

A professional home security installation is certainly more convenient. With top-of-the-line technology, you can rest assured knowing your home security system is working as intended without the headaches. While these are some nice benefits, there tend to be a few drawbacks such as upfront costs and monitoring contracts.

Reasons Against Professionally Installed Home Security

Contract Costs- With Protect Your Home, we require a 36-month monitoring contract. The contract guarantees that during the timespan, trained ADT professionals will be monitoring your home and will alert local authorities if your system senses a breach.

Scheduling an Installation – Life moves fast and setting time aside to install a security system might not be high on your list of priorities. With Protect Your Home, you can have someone at your house to install the same-day in most areas or whenever it works best with your schedule.

Man open box of DIY Home Security System

DIY Home Security Solutions

DIY Home Security Systems can offer you choice. The choice of equipment, brands and setup. It also gives you the choice to leave the equipment in the box for the next few weeks and the choice to set up it in the perfect (or not so perfect) location. The ease of set up makes Do-it-yourself options very attractive. You can do it on your time, avoid scheduling headaches and get the exact setup you want. However, while you might be getting exactly what want, are you sure you’re getting what you need?

Reasons For DIY Home Security

Cost – Affordability. You can choose how much to spend on each piece or wait until something goes on sale.

Choice & Control – You get to choose the type and brand of equipment you think is best, and with the right tools and skills, you can build your own home security system and install it where you want and how you want.

Reasons Against DIY Home Security

You do the work – From the research and preparation to the set-up and installation, your DIY home security system is all in your hands, which requires a lot of elbow grease. It’s up to you to do what our experienced Security Advisors are professionally trained for, which isn’t always so easy to do

Cost efficiency – When compared side by side, purchasing individual home security equipment individually could end up costing more than going with a professional installer. Not including the labor it takes to install a working home security system, features such as 24/7 monitoring and extra capacities that we provide costs extra and don’t come with individual equipment.

What happens when there’s a breach? – Many DIY solutions do not include professional monitoring. When your system detects a breach, it’s on you to call for help. With

ADT-monitored home security, you can rest easy knowing someone’s always looking over your home and family.

Evaluating your home security needs

When you’re considering home security options, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each approach.

While there is an upfront investment for a professionally installed and monitored home security system, it is balanced by possible insurance savings, time savings, and a 24/7 peace of mind.

Just give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment with one of our trained security advisors. In some instances, we can even come out and evaluate your property on the same day you called. Our team of professionals will make sure everything is set up correctly and walk you through your home security system. We’ll stay as long as you need us.

Want to learn more? Contact Protect Your Home for more information about our packages, home security equipment, and pricing for a professional home security installation.

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