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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover A Garage Door?

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover A Garage Door?

Garage door accidents. You hope they will never happen, but for many of us, sooner or later, they do. Whether it’s one of your kids who accidentally crashed into the garage door, a large tree branch blown by the wind or even vandalism, the end result is you are left with a garage door to fix.

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So where is the money going to come from? One question you might be asking yourself is “will homeowners’ insurance cover garage door damage?” After all, the garage door is part of your home. So, does homeowners’ insurance cover a garage door? The answer varies. While you should always check with your individual insurance provider, here are a few different situations that homeowners’ insurance may cover.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Garage Door Repairs?

Here are some typical scenarios you might encounter and what your insurance policy may or may not cover:

  • Garage Door Damage From Vehicles: If you or a member of your family drives into your garage door and damages it, the good news is that most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover this, although you should always check your individual policy to make sure. Even better news is that if someone else drives into your garage door and damages it, it should be covered by their auto liability insurance.
  • Garage Door Damage From Natural Disasters: If your garage door is damaged by hail or wind-blown debris, homeowners’ insurance will usually cover some of the repair. However, you should read your policy carefully, as some policies do not cover certain kinds of natural disaster damage. For example, if your garage door is damaged in an earthquake or a flood, you are probably on your own unless you have specific insurance for these eventualities.
  • Vandalism/Break-In: Your homeowners’ insurance policy should have a clause covering malicious mischief, which includes things like strangers breaking windows or drawing graffiti on your home, including your garage door. You will probably be covered if your door is damaged by someone for malicious reasons.
  • General Wear and Tear: There is no insurance provision for general wear and tear resulting in a repair need for your garage door. Your best bet is to contact Custom Door & Gate for annual or semiannual garage door maintenance to keep the effects of wear and tear at bay.

Contact Custom Door & Gate for Garage Door Repair

Whatever the cause of your garage door repair, Custom Door & Gate can help. Check with your insurance company to see how your coverage affects the repair and let us know. We have plenty of experience working with insurance companies for garage door repair, and we are happy to work with yours. No matter what level of coverage you have, Custom Door & Gate offers budget-friendly garage door repair terms to help you get back up and running with a minimum of stress.

To get started on your garage door repair or replacement today, contact our experts today.

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