Door Alarm Systems

Door Alarm Systems

One way of protection for your love ones and properties is to install door alarm systems in your home or establishment. Door alarm systems provide additional protection against intruders or unwanted guests. Door alarm systems are basic security alarm systems.
The most commonly used devices for door alarm systems are magnetic switches and contact switches. Most door alarm systems have door chimes; microphone and speaker systems. Some have close circuit surveillance cameras. Door alarm and chimes enables the occupant of the house or building to identify who is on the other side of the door. While the microphone and speaker system enables the person on each side of the door to communicate with one another, the surveillance camera enables the occupant to see the physical appearance of the guest or intruder.
Some door alarm systems are equipped with passive infrared system which detects movements in the vicinity of the door. Some door alarm systems even have keypad that has a programmable security code which a wrong code if keyed in will set off an alarm like a siren accompanied with flashing lights. Some door alarm systems have automatic latching devices, which will automatically lock the door if the alarm is set off. In case the alarm is set off accidentally the owner must key in the security code to disengage the alarm.
Having a loud audible alarm is an effective way to discourage burglars. Catching attention is what burglars avoid.
There are three types of contacts for. These are “recessed contacts”, “surface mount contacts” and “roller ball contacts”. Recessed contacts are the types that are concealed in door jams. The surface mount contacts have the same function as recessed contacts; these contacts are not hidden. The roller ball contacts are placed on the hinge side of the door.
All three types operate on the same switching principle where an electrical circuit activates the alarm as the door is opened breaking the circuit.
Always remember that the most common entry on every structure (be it a building or a house) is through the door. Hence, the importance of door security alarms.


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