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Evaluating a Good Perimeter Security

Evaluating a Good Perimeter Security

Challenges related to security are currently rising. They come in all levels and sizes, putting the network into a state of dilemma people think they can’t solve. These challenges are generally brought by the outbreaks of worms and viruses that spread faster in just a matter of minutes. A combination of threats and attacks are also becoming more rampant and harder to detect. Fortunately, IT professionals have developed a number of security systems that are said to be potent for protecting your perimeters in any possible threat, and they call these solutions as “perimeter security technologies”.

Perimeter security technologies come in a number of varieties. They differ according to how they function to help keep your network free from viruses and worms. However, with their massive numbers, people may find it hard to determine which is best. It is for this reason that a careful evaluation of the perimeter security technologies is highly needed.

So, how to evaluate a perimeter security technology?

There are a number of areas that must be involved in the evaluation. These areas should be considered carefully as the reliability and functionality of a perimeter security tool depend on them. These areas of focus include the following:

Access Control: According to some claims, the quality of a network’s access control determines the quality of a perimeter security system. So, when evaluating your technology, try to look at the access control involved in your network. Note that it is typical for a number of networks to link to a firewall which may act as a border control for those who can access your valuable possessions.

Secure Remote Access: A good perimeter technology strategy has a secure remote access. What I am trying to say here is that if you have a secure remote access, there is no chance for the remote employees to access the internal network for the reason that the perimeter itself is locked down. Nevertheless, the security remote access capability of your technology has the tendency to allow even the remote employees to dial up the firewall over the internet and then have the firewall authenticate their access to the internal network.

Content Security: This area is important in identifying the reliability of a perimeter security technology as it works not only to scan the possible viruses, but also to protect your network against spare. Content security may even equip your firewall with an application layer which, in turn, checks and determines which your employees have gone through the web.

There are a lot more important features to look for when evaluating the perimeter security technology. The other areas of focus may include authentication, traffic encryption, and alarming or intrusion detection. All of these areas must be considered along with the technology’s features, price, ease of use, and certification. This is the only way to determine how secure and effective the perimeter security product is.

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