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Experts Share Ways to Fortify your Home without an Alarm

Protection From Home Invasions

Experts Share Ways to Fortify your Home without an Alarm


 When you think of ways to fortify your home, the first idea that may come to mind is to install an alarm. While alarms are a great way to ward off intruders, they are often only useful once a break-in occurs.

Though alarms can be handy, there are many other ways to prevent your home from being a burglar’s next target. Simple additions such as posting security signage, using smart sensors, and leaving your car in the driveway can deter intruders from the start. To help you get started, we reached out to security experts from Upland, CA to Lahaina, HI to share their best tips on how to fortify your home without an alarm. Here’s what they had to say.


Remove red plastic handles from garage doors

 We recommend removing the red plastic handles attached to the rope on garage doors to fortify your home. The red handle makes it easier to snag with a coat hanger, allowing a thief easy access to your garage. They know most people don’t lock the door leading to the garage, and this is an easy way in. – Bluefax Property Management


Install security shutters

Security shutters retract when you’re home, but when you’re gone or want privacy, you can flip a switch or push a button on your smartphone and drop them down within seconds. Most criminals and opportunists won’t bother to tamper with a security shutter system. The shutters also help protect your house from storms, winds, and fires and help control light and noise. – Enviroblind


Add a motion detecting flood light

We suggest adding a motion detecting floodlight by the front door or garage to scare off any potential burglars. Remember to always lock your doors & windows and never leave your valuables in visible sight from a window or glass door. – APS Security and Fire


Always leave a car in the driveway

A tip to make it seem like you are home is leaving a car in the driveway. Former burglars say that seeing a car in the driveway is a sign that someone is home, so they will avoid choosing that house. If you don’t have an extra car to leave, you can ask a neighbor to park their car in your place. This way there will always be a car in the driveway. – Fortress Security Store


Install a garage door security device

Think your garage door is locked and secure? That seemingly smooth massive entry door to your home actually has a flaw in its design which allows criminals to break into your home in seconds. With a simple coat hook and door wedge, criminals can break into your garage door. Install a garage door security device over the release mechanism to block access to your property and fortify your home. (Obviously we make one!) – Garage Shield


Post security signage to fortify your home

 If you don’t have an alarm, post signage of a security system on display in your front yard, by the door, or by a visible window. Just because you don’t have an actual security system installed, doesn’t mean the intruder will know. You can use plaques, stickers, decals, or yard signs, which makes this a friendly hack for protecting your home.  – Limitless Security Solutions


Don’t use a keyless deadbolt 

 Don’t use a deadbolt that doesn’t take a key. Most doors have windows next to them that can be broken and the door easily opened.  – American Wiring


Reinforce your doors with door jamb kits

 Reinforce your doors with strong deadbolts and heavy-duty strike plates to prevent them from getting kicked or forced open. Adding a door jamb reinforcement kit puts an even stronger layer of protection on these doors. (Garage Shield makes one!) – Fort Knox Home Security


Use landscaping to your advantage

Plant shrubs and hedges not only for privacy and aesthetics but also to eliminate hiding places in order to fortify your home. Also, keep the greenery neat and trimmed. Overgrown yards send a message of neglect and may lead criminals to target your home. – City Building Owners


Consider smart sensors

Use smart sensors for doors and windows that notify you when there is an activity in a certain part of your house. Using available software, these sensors send notifications directly to your mobile phone. This is also a great way to manage entry if you have teenagers. – Hubsai


Combine motion and pressure sensors with speakers

Instead of using an expensive, certified alarm system that is connected to a security company, people have now started compensating by combining motion/presence sensors and music speakers. When people go to sleep they can set up night-mode automation, and from this point on any motion sensor triggered on the ground floor will turn on the desired sound on your connected speaker. This is very similar to an alarm and much less expensive.” – 1home


Install security cameras

If you want to watch for intruders, but you don’t want someone watching you, plug your indoor cameras into a smart plug that turns on when you leave and off when you return home. – App My Home


Leave spare keys with someone you trust

If you have a spare key, don’t hide it somewhere outside your house like under a doormat. Give it to a trusted neighbor or relative to keep at their house instead. The smartest thing to do is keep it with you, but the second-best thing is to leave it with a friend. – We are More Solutions


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