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Fall and Winter Are Great for Garage Makeovers

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Fall and Winter Are Great for Garage Makeovers

Do you know when some of the best times for garage makeovers are?

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Spring and summer seem to be the only options– right? Wrong. Fall and winter are great seasons to go about putting a makeover on your garage (in fact, they are excellent times to explore updating any section of your home).

In this article, we’ll be exploring a few of the key reasons why these cooler seasons are such a good time to go about garage makeovers.

The Thing About Summer

The thing about summer is that’s incredibly busy. Stop and think about it for a second – when the weather is warm, there are far more projects for your house that you need to complete.

For one thing, summer is the time to take vacations. It’s very, very hard to get any work done while you’re chilling by the ocean-side at the Gulf.

Summer is also the prime time for different sporting events and activities for your kids. Late-summer has football practice ramping up (a huge time commitment in its own right) and there’s a strong chance that soccer will be active throughout the entirety of the summer months.

Besides that, there are all sorts of camps and other extended activities that will be drawing your attention, and actual presence, out and away from your home.

And most importantly, summer is the time for yard work. Your garage is the central hub for all your lawn upkeep efforts. It’s where you store your mowers, your blowers, your trimmers, and possibly even some fertilizer. You’ve got things to get done in that lawn of yours – you can’t have that halted by pausing to work on giving your garage a makeover.

For all these reasons coupled with the blazing hot heat of the sun, summer sometimes isn’t the best time to go about giving your garage that much needed upgrade.

Speaking of Temperatures

Don’t make yourself suffer unnecessarily, hold off on working on that garage makeover until those cooler temps start rolling in.

Mid-to-late fall is an excellent time for this because the temperature settles down to a nice brisk level without being exceptionally cold. Situate yourself to fully relish that cooler air by planning to spend time working in your garage – you’ll get a chance to spruce it up along with having the opportunity to enjoy that crispness.

fall season suburban home and garage

Potentially, if your garage is properly insulated, you’ll even be able to enjoy something on this same level during the harsher winter months.

This factor is especially true if you’re looking to do some actual DIY renovation (i.e. work beyond just basic cleaning and organizing) as part of your garage makeover.

Speaking of those harsher months – you need something to do. With limited sunlight and below freezing temps setting in, there’s nothing better to do than giving your garage the overdue update that it’s been asking for.

Holiday Timing

This is especially pertinent to working on updates in the fall.

Fall is that magical time of year perfectly situated between the insanity of summer, the rush of getting kids settled back into school, and the socially demanding holiday season.

Capitalize on this downtime by starting that garage makeover.

It’s especially helpful if you know that you’ll be doing a lot of hosting over the holiday season. Getting your garage in stellar condition will free up more storage space for you to move stuff out (just temporarily while the guests are in) of the home itself to free up space. This also allows you to have a far more organized system of pulling out your decor and then stowing it back in an organized, non-frustrating way.

Cost Savings

Time for a little economics lesson – but don’t worry, we’ll keep it interesting.

Pricing operates under the system of supply and demand. When there is high supply and low demand the prices of a product goes down. Conversely, when there is high demand but low supply for a product the prices go up.

That’s a pretty fundamental law – and it definitely applies to home renovations.

Which means that fall and winter are going to play into your favor from a pricing perspective.

Spring and Summer, traditionally, are the primary building seasons. That means contractors and other tradesmen are going to have a high amount of demand put on them and a lower supply of time available to address all those demands. As a result, That means the price you pay for the same amount/type of work is going to be a lot more expensive in those warmer months than in the cooler seasons.

In fact, it is possible that you can find some pretty extreme discounts in those cooler months, especially during the peak of winter, because of the lack of jobs those contractors will be running into. Take your time and look thoroughly and you’ll be sure to find a killer deal.

Supply-and-demand, it’s a powerful force – make it work for you rather than against you. You’ll sure be glad that you did!

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