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Fire Safety | Garage Door Doctor

In America, there are roughly 6,600 residential garage fires per year. Why does this happen? It happens because people often don’t stop to consider fire safety for their garage. Much of what we see and hear is geared towards household fire safety.  It’s definitely important, but so is garage fire safety.

The easiest step to take towards prevention is simply making sure that there are no combustible materials in the garage. It’s tempting to keep propane for your grill in the garage or gas cans, but these items can also be left outside. Another prevention tip is to practice electrical safety as well. Always use one plug for one appliance; never combine outlets, and stay away from using extension cords as the main power supply. And of course, make sure you install a smoke alarm, especially if the garage is attached to your house.

Overall, fire safety can’t be overlooked at all. Fires that start in the garage are often electrical, and so many people store gas or propane tanks nearby that something small can easily become a disaster. Don’t let that happen to your home.

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