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Function of a Garage Door Torsion Spring

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Function of a Garage Door Torsion Spring

Your garage door is comprised of many parts working in unison, none of which is more important than the garage door torsion spring. For your garage door to open and close smoothly, the torsion spring must be in good condition and properly matched to the garage door itself.

A typical home garage door weighs in excess of 150 lbs. For multi-car garages, or metal doors, the weight is significantly greater. The function of the garage door torsion spring is to store mechanical energy. That is, in combination with the garage door cables, the torsion spring twists on a horizontal bar mounted above the door. The garage door torsion spring tightens when the door is closed, and unwinds on opening.

This winding and unwinding of the torsion spring aids in opening and closing the garage door. When the spring releases its tension as the door is opened, the stored energy in the spring assists with lifting the weight of the door. With the help of the garage door torsion spring, you can open a heavy door with minimal effort.

Design of the Garage Door Torsion Spring

The job of the garage door torsion spring demands a sturdy construction. The spring itself is significantly thicker than extension springs, which work in pairs in a vertical configuration on either side of the garage door. The torsion spring, in contrast, works alone, and is horizontally mounted in the center of the door opening above the door.
The size and thickness of each garage door torsion spring is matched specifically to the weight and design of the door(s) for which it is made. The heavier the door, the thicker the spring required to lift it. This tension rating is intended to match the door for a consistent lifting and lowering action.

Over time, and with exposure to the elements, the tension rating of your garage door torsion spring is subject to change. Repeated opening and closing of the door will gradually wear out the spring. As the spring weakens, its effectiveness is reduced. Opening the garage door will take more effort, due to the diminished capacity of the weakened spring to support the weight for you.

A broken garage door torsion spring poses a risk of injury or property damage. Without the support of the torsion spring, the full weight of the door can cause it to close quickly. The recommended lifespan for a garage door torsion spring is about five years, after which time it must be replaced.

Replacing the Garage Door Torsion Spring

Due to the extreme tension under which a garage door torsion spring operates, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional for replacement. Torsion spring replacement requires special tools to do the job safely and properly.

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