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Garaga 3 Easy Steps on How to Make Your Garage Door a WOW Factor

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Garaga 3 Easy Steps on How to Make Your Garage Door a WOW Factor

Most people have heard someone say the expression that “clothes make the man,” but have you ever considered that this could also relate to your garage door?

Ugly Garage Door is a Disaster for Your Home Curb Appeal

If you’re standing out on the sidewalk and turn to face your home, what’s the first thing that you notice?

If you are like most people, it happens to be your garage door. It’s going to be even more noticeable if the garage is large enough to house 2 or 3 different cars.

Not sure how realistic this actually is?

Think about this situation instead. Tomorrow you make the decision to relocate into a new area and buy a new home. You spend time finding a great neighborhood and start viewing some houses. When you pull your car outside of one of them, what are you looking at when you park in the driveway? Again, it’s going to be the garage door.

Now that you can see it that way, we can go back to the main topic.

Does Your Garage Door Make You Look Good?

Take a quick second to ask yourself whether you are proud of your current garage door?

Does it shine with your own personality?

Do you really like the way it looks?

Some people are going to immediately realize that a change is in order since the garage door doesn’t represent you the right way.

Let’s look at a single reason to create a garage with the look it should have, as well as two steps to help you through the process.

Do you know why you should have a garage door that shows off your personality?

The top reason comes down to nothing but MONEY!

The truth is that your garage door makes up a considerable part of your house, primarily if it’s located in the front and faces the nearby road.

You may not think about it, but the way your garage door looks will create certain impressions with relatives, friends, and neighbors when they come over to visit.

Even if the outside of your home is kept up and looks great, having a garage door with peeling paint and a dingy appearance isn’t going to give anyone a great impression.

Doing some work to improve the look of your garage door, or installing a brand new one, will make your entire home look better than ever.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors says you’ll find that when you put your house on the market and your garage door is attractive, as well as having a neat, well-organized interior, you could sell your residence faster and even get a better offer or close to the asking price on its sale?

Also, real estate experts will tell you that you can get up to 4% more if you have an outstanding garage door that your guests want to see.

There are also other statistics to be aware of:

Based on information from the 2018 Remodeling Magazine in its “Cost vs. Value” report, replacing one’s garage door gives the best return on investment, 98%, the highest value among the 21 renovation projects evaluated.

This might be just the push you need to realize you should do some work with your garage door.

Question #1 – What architectural style is used by your home?

At this point, you probably understand why having an attractive garage door is so important.

But you’re likely still wondering how to get things starting.

The first thing to do is to determine what architectural style your home uses.

Linking the current architectural style of your house and the new garage door design you choose is often the best solution. To break it down, most homes today are going to come in one of 3 different styles.

It doesn’t matter if you have a split level, a 1-floor bungalow, or a 2-story home, it is likely going to be one of these three architectural styles.

Traditional Style:

Inspiring Traditional Home Interior

Don’t worry because traditional doesn’t mean old and boring!

In fact, traditional-style architecture is a blend of different styles that have been created and evolved through time based on common trends.

Are you a fan of stained glass? Do you likemulti-paned windows? Are you interested in carved kitchen cabinets? If so, the traditional style is going to work for you.

When you buy furniture, clothing, and cars, do you go for well-made items that will stay in style for decades? This is also an indication that traditional style works for you.

Standard+ Classic MIX, 9' x 7', Desert Sand

You like this look? These are 9×7 Garage Doors, in Classic Mix Pattern and Desert Sand Color

A 2-story cottage home or a 1-story bungalow dwelling is distinguished by the use of different trends from diverse architecture.

This kind of style can also be seen as harmonious and classic.

Standard+ Prestige XL, 9' x 8', Moka Brown, Cachet windows

You like this look? These are 9×8 Garage Doors, in Prestige XL Pattern, Moka Brown Color and with Cachet Windows

Contemporary or Modern Style:

Beautiful Contemporary Interior Home

One style this is gaining popularity more and more in recent years is modern or contemporary.

You can determine a home that has this type of architecture if it offers dark hues and earthy colors that coordinate together well.

Standard+ Vog, 9' x 7', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony

You like this look? These are 9×7 Garage Doors, in VOG Pattern, Black Color, and with Right Side Harmony Windows

One of the things that are unique about this style is that it often has elements that are sometimes surprising in size.

What really defines a contemporary style is the purity of lines, the balance of forms, and pure simplicity.

California, Black aluminum frame, Satin glass

You like this look? These are 6×8.5 and 16×8.5 CALIFORNIA Garage Doors, Black Aluminum Frame, and with Satin Glass Windows

Another characteristic of this architectural style includes large windows that often seem to bring the inside of the home into the outside area.

Country-Style Look :

This type of architectural style is typically seen in areas that are outside of large cities and metropolitan areas.

Charming French Style Interior Home

Image: Interior Design Magazine

With a carriage style house, distinguishing features include traditional architectural elements such as dormers, cornices, and large porches. There are areas where families can hang out in cool weather and enjoy the view and each other.

Another thing that makes this style unique is the use of gridded multi-pane windows and projecting roofs.

Princeton P-21, 9' x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

You like this look? These are PRINCETON P-21 Garage Doors (X-Shaped Overlays), Chocolate Walnut doors & overlays, and with 8 lite Panoramic windows

The garage doors that are made to enhance this style of home are similar to the swing doors from years past.

The overlays can be square, A-shaped, X-shaped, or V-shaped, and will create a look similar to a deluxe barn in the country.

Cambridge CS, 9' x 7', Ice White door and overlays, 4 lite Panoramic windows

You like this look? This is a CAMBRIDGE CC Garage Door, Ice White door & overlays, and with 4 lite Panoramic windows

Once you get a glimpse of carriage house garage doors, you’ll immediately know if it’s the right choice for your needs.

Vantage Shaker-CS Long, 9' x 8', Dark Walnut, windows with Stockton Inserts

You like this look? These are Vantage SHAKER-CS LONG Garage Doors , Dark Walnut Color door & overlays, windows with Stockton Insert, and decorative hardware

At this point, you know garage doors can be far more than a traditional, white, embossed door.

To get an idea of your options, here at GARAGA, we manufacture 38 different door designs in 12 different colors. You’ll also have over 100 possibilities for the windows.

And that’s just what we have right now!

Since garage doors add a tremendous amount of value and charm to your home, we follow architecture and design trends as well as new color trends.

Question #2 – Which Color is Right for Your Needs?

One of the first things to be aware of when it comes to the architectural style and colors of homes is that they can vary based on period. Some colors become super popular for a certain amount of time before another one takes its place as the hot new choice.

Global trends affect color trends. When new companies start, they bring in new ideas for better diversity.

Are you curious about current color trends?

For the last 5 or 7 years, darker, earth colors, have been on-trend. These include hues like Charcoal, Moka Brown, and Sandston, just to name a few.

Everyone enjoys a little nostalgia about the past and also desires grounding themselves with something robust and reliable. Materials that bring in a bit of nature are a plus, but they also appeal if there’s little or no maintenance required.

When you want to get the appearance of a garage door made of wood, but without all the maintenance, there are 5 great colors to choose from:

All of these polyester-based, factory-baked-on paints are going to give you the great look of a garage door made of wood.

If you want the trendiest color today, it’s going to have to be Black.

Eastman E-11, 16' x 8', Black door and overlays, 4 vertical lite Panoramic windows

You like this look? This is an EASTMAN E-11 Garage Door, Black door & overlays, and with 4 lite Panoramic windows

Black garage doors send several messages to visitors. They show that your style is elegant, simple, and somewhat modern.

Because the color is so in demand, you can find black garage doors innot only in modern patterns but also in traditional and carriage-house patterns.

A dark-gray home with faux or natural stone siding works well with black . It can also be a top choice if you want amonochromatic style garage. Also, black contrasts in a profound way with a home that is made of red brick or painted white.

If you know anything about fashion, you’ve probably heard that black is thinning, which is one reason it’s so attractive. Why?

Unlike other colors, black is the only shade that absorbs light waves instead of reflecting them. Using a universal optical illusion , black gives an impression on being thin.

If you own a double garage door and you don’t want it to “steal the show,” Black will “shrink” the perceived size of the door.

Careful! Black Garage Doors Can Become Hot

Keep in mind that if you go with a black garage door, it’s going to absorb the warmth of the sun.

With single garage doors measuring about 9×7 and double doors being 16×7, you can guess how wide the black surface of the door is going to be.

In fact, it can become extremely hot during the summertime. Hot enough for your kids to get burned if they lean on it.

This is important to be aware of before you purchase one since a good quality garage door will last around 20 years.

Do you prefer something a bit more neutral? White, sand or beige can be a great alternative that looks fantastic.

When you use a neutral color, it also lets you place people’s attention on other parts of the exterior of your home, like the shrubs and trees.

Windows Let in Light and Show Personality!

Two different reasons are used for adding windows to a garage door. It lets in natural light, as you might expect. Windows are also great for enhancing the style you want to show off.

Depending on the design of your garage door and your home’s architecture, there are hundreds of different windows that you can choose from!

We always recommend that you have windows installed in your garage. When the door might last for 2 decades, that’s a lot of time to go without extra light and personality.

There are 3 choices you’ll need to make for garage door windows:

1. The Layout:

Your layout could have left side windows, right side double windows, or single windows on each size. There are also outer section windows and classic upper section windows. Some even go with 3rd section windows.

2. Decorative Inserts or Not?:

When it comes to carriage style homes and traditional dwellings, these inserts can add a bit of flair and elegance to your house.

GARAGE SHIELD | 6112702e6909a | Proven Protection

3. The Type of Glass: The style you want and how intimate you choose to keep the space will determine which of the many types of glass will work best for you.

GARAGE SHIELD | 6112702fa90c2 | Proven Protection

It doesn’t matter what tastes you have, there are plenty of window models to add some elegance to your home while ensuring your personality is on display.

Are you surprised by all the choices involved with garage doors? It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed at first.

But you don’t have to be!

The best garage door can last over 20 years, so here is what you might wish to do.

Contact one of the professional garage door dealers in your location. The experts there have the qualification needed to guide you into the garage door that works best for your home.

If you prefer, we can also quickly provide you with a quotation of your dream garage door by email.

Do you love your smartphone?

Visit our Design Centre and find the door style that best fits your needs. You can even upload a photo of your home to see how a specific door looks.

You need ideas first?

Lots of gorgeous residential garage doors are waiting for you here, so go ahead and take a look!

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