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How can something as simple and commonplace as a garage door be so misunderstood or forgotten about?  With crimes at the level they are, can you really overlook something so basic?

Really, the garage door and garage door lock options available,  couldn’t be any more straightforward. Well, you’d think!  It opens and closes; performing like any useful door should. You see it everyday, probably at least twice a day as you leave from and return to your home.

So then why is garage door security neglected? Even if you lock the door leading from the garage to your home, what about all that you have sitting inside the garage? At the very least (“least” from a monetary perspective) people store boxes of childhood memories or belongings, but beyond that, many have collectibles stored, and a host of other valuable items—not to mention your car.

Part of it is a false sense of security “the button” brings. Meaning, if criminals don’t have your button, or clicker, or remote, however you want to phrase it, they can’t get into your garage.

But think about it—can someone get into your house without a key? (They can, and can even do so without signs of forced entry.)

The really alarming thing is, breaking into a garage doesn’t require a crowbar, broken glass, or brute force. Instead, a simple coat hanger with the help of a wedge provides  more than enough for a skilled criminal to pop the emergency cord, push up your garage door, and walk right in.

So given all of that, the message here is “lock your garage door.” And don’t worry, there are multiple options for doing so…those afraid of automation can go manual, and those who don’t want to install anything bulky or time consuming have options as well.


Manual Garage Door Locks

When you think “lock,” it’s probably the traditional manual lock that comes to mind in most instances. We are accustomed to a locked door only being able to be unlocked with a key, and if that’s you, there are plenty of options available when it comes to securing your garage door; with one being in the form of the t-handle lock and release. Other garage door locks work to block the garage door track, as is found with a sliding lock mechanism.

As you might have guessed, any manual setup that unlocks your garage door from the outside will require a key, while anything used to lock from the inside, like the sliding lock, is utilized without a key.

Keyless or Automated Garage Door Lock OPTIONS

For those who are looking for more of tech-based solution, there are keyless locks, or keypads where you can set up a personalized code that when entered, will control the opening and closing of the garage door.

Really, in terms of convenience compared to a manual lock, you’ll still have to go to the garage and manually perform an action to gain entry, so there isn’t much gained there. The only difference here is that you won’t have to have a key with you, nor would you need to install a keyed lock to the outside of your garage door. From there, you’ll never have to worry about losing a key, and if you find yourself with a compromised code, you can easily set up a new one.

Taking the tech one step further, you can completely bypass the keypad and opt for an automatic garage door that can be locked and unlocked from your phone and related app. This option is obviously convenient, and offers a secure solution thanks to the deadbolt that you’re controlling to lock and unlock your garage door.

Of course, this setup will take some installing, and one thing to watch out for, though – as is the case with any tech solution – a failure or malfunction can be frustratingly difficult to bypass.

The Garage Shield 

Your last garage door lock option is both simple and convenient, and can be installed in just a few minutes, and without tools. The Garage Shield is a simple standard ABS plastic piece that firmly attaches to your garage door connection arm – or J-arm – and prevents a simple coat hook from accessing the release mechanism and/or emergency rope on the garage opener track assembly.

You’re probably thinking, “Can’t I just zip tie the garage door so criminals can’t yank the cord?” The short answer is no, you shouldn’t ever. (Read more here.)

Compared to other lock options, the Garage Shield allows you to come and go through the garage door as you please, but it also offers locked and secured protection by shielding the one vulnerable area criminals know to target.

Which Garage Door Lock is Best?

The type of garage door lock options you choose is going to depend entirely on you and your personal circumstances.

For instance, if the garage is an area you don’t venture to unless you have to every once in a while, then a simple manual lock might do the trick.

On the other hand, if you like to have the power of unlocking and locking your garage door from the same control center that operates so many other parts of your life – your phone – then an automated option is something to consider.

Last, if you want an easy to implement and quick, low-cost solution, something like the Garage Shield might be able to offer the peace of mind you’re seeking.

Regardless of which option you select, the important thing is to take action. There are a number of ways to tell if a burglar is watching your house, but the reality is, we are busy and consumed with life that we just might forget to be vigilant. Protective measures like locks, cameras, doorbell surveillance, and more all go a long way in providing the security your home deserves.  Thank you for reading up on our garage door lock options! 

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