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If it’s time to get a new garage door, there are a few factors to keep in mind before going ahead. How long do you want this door to last? What’s your style (and maintenance) preference? What insulation options do you need? How will your garage door add to the overall appearance of your home?

There are two traditional materials: steel and wood. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so here are a few things to consider.

Steel is affordable, first of all. It’s one of the most durable materials; it can dent, but it won’t crack or warp. It’s also less prone to rusting or requiring other expensive upkeep. There are a lot of design options as far as steel is concerned, too. If you like the look of wood, but prefer steel, you can overlay fake wood on steel to give it that appearance. In addition, you can choose from multiple colors, textures, and even windows! Steel seems to have it all, though if you simply don’t like the look of steel at all, there is another option.

That’s wood. While there is some extra upkeep necessary for a wooden garage door, wood was the original garage door material after all! You can choose multiple finishes and colors as well as windows. You might worry about say, splinters, but with today’s wooden doors, it’s hardly a concern. It’s hard to beat the appearance of a traditional wooden door; many find cedar to be a good choice as it’s weather-hardy and has curb appeal.

There are other options for materials, but the above two are the most common. Talk to a garage door specialist to figure out the best choice for your home.

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