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Garage Door Off Tracks? Follow these Safety Tips

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Garage Door Off Tracks? Follow these Safety Tips

Many of us have garages in our homes. The garage door is one of the many personal customized features on the front of a home. However, many of us don’t realize there is a lot of maintenance that may be neglected with garage doors. We all need to be prepared in case something happens with our garage doors. Garage door off tracks? Or maybe you have a broken spring? Either way, don’t try to fix it yourself; it can be very dangerous without the proper tools and experience.

If you are dealing with broken torsion springs, this needs to be handled by a professional, because it is what lifts the weight of the garage door. Even though you should absolutely call a professional for any of your garage door problems, learning some key concepts will help you understand the process and how much time is required for a professional to complete the project.

Garage Door Off Tracks? Call the Doctor!

Springs are a very important element when fixing a garage door. You must know which springs to use and this knowledge can only be gained through experience. There are two types of springs: standard and high cycle. Many garage doors will last about 7,500 cycles, which is good for about 3-5 years. Getting the best products for your home is the key to safety and longevity.

Therefore, don’t wait for your garage door extension springs to break; make sure you are on the lookout. Having an annual 21-point checkup/tune-up on your door will be less expensive and safer for your family. Your best option is replacing your springs rather than overworking the opener, which will cause a shorter lifespan. The company you should call is The Garage Door Doctor to ensure that your garage is repaired promptly and properly. Garage door off tracks? The Garage Door Doctor will come to the rescue. They provide same-day service and have many locations in the greater Houston, TX, area.

When Your Garage Door Is Off its Tracks, Call the Doctor!

Get an annual tune-up to prevent spring failure and keep your garage door on its tracks, or for emergency repair, call the Garage Door Doctor at (281) 855-9300 or 578-7659 to receive a FREE appraisal of your door’s repair. The Garage Door Doctor will answer your garage door questions and put you back on the right track.

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