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Garage door openers | The best buy is the 8550W

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Garage door openers | The best buy is the 8550W

Is your garage opener starting to feel its age? Could this be the time for you to change it? But which garage door opener model should you choose? With so many makes and models, and with the prices varying between single and double doors, it’s easy to be lost. If you’d like to purchase the best electric garage door opener currently on the market, here are the reasons why LiftMaster’s 8550W will both meet all your needs and last a long time.

LiftMaster 8550W

It’s top features: quiet, efficient and uses leading-edge technology

If you are looking for a garage door opener that’s efficient, uses the most modern Internet technologies and especially, lasts a long time, the 8550W is sure to impress you.

  • It’s among the quietest

This model door opener comes with a DC motor. Compared to door openers with AC-type motors often found on the market, a DC motor starts slowly, increases to a normal speed, then slows before stopping. No shaking or unnecessary noise. And don’t worry, it’s not slower opening or closing that a regular garage door opener. What’s more, it’s a door opener that uses a rubber belt reinforced with steel to drive the motor instead of a chain. This makes it a much quieter opener, especially if you have a bedroom located over the garage.

It’s equipped with a backup battery so you can continue to open and close your garage in case of a power outage. This battery is strong enough to supply the opener through 20 open/close cycles. Then, as soon as power returns, the battery recharges itself.

It comes with the Security+ 2.0 system from LiftMaster. This ensures that the signal from your remote cannot be picked up by anyone else.  As well, it has the Timer-to-Close feature in case you forget to close your garage door after leaving, which is especially handy for those who back into the garage to park. In addition, it is equipped with a motion detector which activates the garage opener lights if you enter by the access door, very practical if you don’t want to stumble around a dark garage looking for the control panel to turn on the lights.

  • It has the latest in communication technology

Using Wi-Fi, you are able to open and close your garage door from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, wherever you are in the world. With the MyQ system you can get alerts telling you if someone uses your garage door and at exactly what time. This technology removes the worry of wondering at your place of work, if you closed the garage door or not. As well, this feature allows you open the door remotely, giving access to someone you trust.

Plus, accessories to make your life even easier

If you are the type of person who wants to control several home operations from a remote or your smartphone, here are some accessories you can add on to your 8550W garage door opener to further simplify your life.

  • Remote Light Control (825LM)

Would you like to be able to turn on a light, say a lamp, at home when you arrive late at night, right from your door opener remote? Or, if you use the MyQ system, light this same lamp from your smartphone, even if you are still at work? You can, by installing one or more of these lighting remotes.

Light Control

  • Remote Light Switch (823LM)

Along the same lines, you can replace an existing wall switch, allowing you to control the lighting in a room of your home, again from your remote or smartphone.

Light switch

You’re on the second floor of your home, and just ready to turn off the lights and go to bed… and you aren’t sure if the garage door is indeed closed. The 829LM Monitor will show you, and if the door is open, you can close it. This monitor is able to verify and control up to 4 garage door openers.

Door monitor

As long as we’re investing in technology…

If you are really into high-tech, there are other accessories you can add to your 8550W door opener to enhance your safety and simplify your life.

  • Laser Parking Accessory (975LM)

Parking your car in the right place is now a breeze thanks to this laser pointer that directs you exactly where to park and stop. You’ll agree that it’s a much better solution than a tennis ball hung from the ceiling!

Laser parking

A NEST security camera can be used both inside and outside the home. It is designed to assist you in watching over your home and your family, even while you are away. With live video streaming 24/7, this camera will help you keep an eye on your most valuable assets, from wherever you are.

Nest Security Camera


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