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Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensing Unit Troubleshooting

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Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensing Unit Troubleshooting

A photo-eye sensing unit includes electrical eyes that are installed on the door track, about 6 inches above the flooring. Obstructs the course of the electrical eye, the door will stop and reverse. The whole function of this function is to secure all your valuable prized possessions from being caught under your garage door (which is the biggest and heaviest moving piece of equipment in the basic house).
This security sensing units was created to be trustworthy as any security function ought to be. There are times when it might not be working appropriately and this is generally due to the fact that the positioning is off. If you’re experiencing erratic stopping and beginning or flashing lights here are some repairing standards to get it working appropriately once again:

Repairing Standards

  • Find the 2 sensing unit designs and ensure that every one has actually a lit LED. If one is off or flickering attempt adjusting the height to guarantee it isn’t out of positioning with the other one. The 2 ‘eyes’ must be looking straight into each other.
  • Examine to make sure that neither sensing units are covered in dirt, cobwebs, mud or any kind of movie that would keep them from having the ability to ‘interact’ with each other. Clean the sensing units off with a moist fabric and after that reconsider the positioning.
  • Verify that there are no loose or damaged wires. If so, go out your Owner’s Handbook and see if you can reconnect them.

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