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Garage door replacement | 3 tips to help you

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Garage door replacement | 3 tips to help you

A lot of homeowners across the US are considering having their garage door replaced. A lot of these homeowners will need to do so out of necessity. It’s probably because they have a damaged or broken garage door beyond what is worth repairing. They understand that they need to have it replaced as soon as possible. After all, a damaged garage door is quite an eyesore. It doesn’t help a home’s curb appeal at all. In fact, the opposite is the case.

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More importantly, a broken or damaged garage door is a security issue. You can’t have a garage door that’s not 100% secure. You’ll be exposing your garage and the expensive things inside of it to unwanted intruders. Worse, you’ll be exposing your home since your garage is often an entry point to the rest of your home.

Besides, a garage door is for a homeowner’s added convenience. If it’s broken and not working like how it’s supposed to work, then that’s going to be very inconvenient for you.

How Much Will You Usually Pay to Have a Garage Door Replaced?

It depends on several factors and you can get in touch with garage door contractors in your area and have them send you a quote for you to have a good idea. But it’s safe to say that it’s going to be more or less $1,700 (remove and dispose of existing 16×7-foot garage door and tracks) which is the national average for a typical garage door replacement across the US.

Yes, it’s a significant amount of money. However, you can usually expect to recover most of this through the increase in resale value of your home. First of all, having a more beautiful and secure home is the only return that matters. That alone makes the investment worth it.

However, it’s good to know that when you do decide to sell your home, you can sell it with an average increase in home value of $1,500. This is because of the importance of a garage door that’s working at 100% capacity that bumps up a home’s resale value.

Follow these Tips for the Best Return on Your Investment

Benefit from a garage door replacement now and in the future by following these 3 tips that will let you recoup as much of your investment as possible:

Choose a style wisely.

It’s not necessarily about buying the most expensive garage door. When it comes to aesthetics, you have to buy a garage door that has a style that complements your home and neighborhood.

Buy an insulated and airtight garage door.

This is something to really consider if you have a garage that’s attached to your home. It can help you save on energy. Potential buyers in the future will consider this and will be more willing to pay a higher price for your home.

Make sure that it can withstand harsh weather elements.

This is especially true if you’re going to replace a garage door that has been damaged by these elements. It just means that you live in an area that’s exposed to these elements.

These are tips provided at Check it out to know more about garage door replacement and 13 other home improvement projects that can improve your home’s resale value.

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