For Mother’s Day, give her a one-of-a-kind gift

For Holidays like mothers Day, we often run out of ideas to make her happy… Here is a suggestion that will no doubt impress her: give the garage a good straightening get the garage in top shape and give her car a good cleaning.

Give the garage a good cleaning

We’d like to suggest this step‑by‑step plan for a gift that will surely please your spouse or mother – a clean and beautiful garage that she can use for any activity, such as the springtime preparation of her garden or flower beds. It’s often overlooked, but the garage can be one of the most used spaces in the home, but it’s certainly not a place where mothers put much effort into cleaning and straightening up. This means it’s the perfect chance for you to show your affection while absolutely delighting her.

Here is a list of tasks that will contribute to a neat and clean garage. Some may take longer than others and require a little more planning.

  • Get rid of any trash or unused junk.
  • Put away tools, seasonal items and sports equipment, storing them on shelves or in cabinets.
  • Give the walls a good cleaning to remove dirt and stains.
  • Wash the floor and, if you are ambitious, apply an epoxy coating.
  • Lubricate the hardware of your garage doors (rollers, hinges, and lifting springs) to make it quieter.
  • Wash both the exterior and interior of the garage door.
  • If you have an electric garage door opener, give it the needed lubrication, especially if it is chain drive.
Do you really want to make her happy? Clean her car !

Do you really want to make her happy? Clean her car!

As long as you’re at it, why not give her car a first‑class cleaning? Of course, you could give this job over to car-cleaning professionals, but why not gather the kids together for a top-to-bottom spruce‑up? This is a way for them to be part of the “gift”.

  • Start with the car interior, since it always takes a little longer:

    • Pick up all the litter that has accumulated over time. Look all over, under seats, in any storage areas, and all the hidden corners of the trunk.
    • Vacuum everywhere, the carpets as well as the seats.
    • Wash the protective carpet mats with soapy water and rinse well.
    • Do a proper job washing and wiping the windows, being sure get all those sticky fingerprints.
    • Vinyl components, such as the dashboard and other upholstery, will brighten up with a spray and wipe of a protectant.
  • Then move on to the exterior:

    • Wash the exterior well with a soap made for cars.
    • Take a look at the wheels and give the rims a good cleaning. While there, why not use a tire shining product.
    • All that’s left is to apply a liquid wax so that her car will stay shiny for as long as possible.
    Wash the exterior well with a soap made for cars.

Lastly, to wrap it all up, a small but important detail – fill a vase with her favorite spring flowers, like tulips, daffodils, etc., and place it where she’ll find it.