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Garage doors | Change your garage door in the spring

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Garage doors | Change your garage door in the spring

Days are getting longer. The warmth of the sun brightens our spirits and it seems nature is waking from its long winter’s nap. For many of us, this season means renewal, when we want to do our spring cleaning. What’s more, we get our cars in order, change the tires, have the wheels aligned…

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As well, it’s the time to clean up the garage and see how we can best arrange it for our DIY or family activities of the summer and fall. It’s also when we should examine our garage door system and consider if this might just be the time to replace it, especially if it was acting up during the winter.

Here are three points to consider that will help you in analyzing whether you should change your garage door.

At spring begins, you can negotiate a good purchase price

Most companies related to the construction industry try to start their year as early as possible, once the snow has melted. This is true for garage door businesses that often display their products at home shows where you can see for yourself which garage door suits your needs and tastes.

These companies often have attractive promotions if you make your purchase and installation early in the season. What’s more, if you haven’t shopped for a garage door in a long time, the ranges of styles, colors and insulation levels are sure to impress you! Negotiate the price and find the best bargain to satisfy you.

The spring system of your door has taken a beating after a severe winter!

If changing your door isn’t in your plans, then think about giving it a proper tune-up. The vast majority of service calls performed by garage door specialists are related to the spring system that serves as a counterbalance for the door.

After a harsh winter, and keeping in mind that the garage stays fairly humid during this time, it’s not unusual for a spring to break into two pieces. Replacing the spring system in the middle of winter is far from the most attractive thing for either you or a garage door technician to do. Springtime is the right time to do it, especially if the spring system hasn’t been replaced in a long time.

Remember that the useful life of a spring is around 5 or 6 years. It may not break, but after time, it loses strength and resilience. Don’t ignore the spring by thinking that it is the door opener that does the work of opening and closing your door. If the door is correctly balanced by a well-performing spring system, it appears to weigh between 8 and 10 lb. (3.5 and 4.5 kg). However, its true weight is more like 175lb (80 kg), meaning an older spring system with a weaker spring will be working harder and harder as time passes, getting closer and closer to its breaking point.

So, before taking your gardening tools, bicycles, and seasonal items out of your garage and while you can now leave your car outside the garage without the risk of being covered in snow, why not contact a garage door specialist in your area? This professional can give you a thorough report on the state of your door and spring system.

Safety: Of top importance!

When undertaking home renovation projects, we consider changing our windows and entry doors to be more energy efficient, but also to make them safer. We often forget about the garage door, which has become the most popular access to the house, either after putting our car in the garage or for our children returning home from school.

Safety also means protection against theft and home break-ins. We usually think about installing an alarm system for our residence, but too often forget about how secure our garage door is. Thefts of garage door remotes left hanging on visors in unlocked cars is the easiest way to be burglarized. Today’s technology has evolved to the point that it is possible to open and close your garage door with your smartphone. No more remotes!

Finally, recall that a garage door that doesn’t operate correctly risks injuring you or your family. Unfortunately, each year there are incidents of serious injury or even child death caused by garage doors where maintenance has been neglected. After a long, hard winter, springtime is the perfect time to either change your garage door system or give yours a thorough tune-up.

You’ve convinced me, so what should I do now?

If you’ve made the decision to change your garage door, the next step is to contact a local garage door specialist. They can easily send you a detailed quotation by email showing several models that suit your needs. If you prefer, they will happily visit you at home to present their complete range of garage doors or resolve any problem you are having with your current garage door.


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