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Garage doors | September is time for maintenance

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Garage doors | September is time for maintenance

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The summer months are gone, and September is here. Back to school, shorter day, trees changing color – all the signs of fall, meaning winter can’t be far away.

Hand in hand with these events are some maintenance tasks you yourself can perform on your garage door system at this time of year. They will only take a few minutes but ensure your door’s correct operation throughout the fall season.

Man doing garage door maintenance


Remember, your garage door is the largest moving component of your home, so it deserves some care.

  • Use a petroleum-based lubricant that a garage door professional can easily suggest for you.
  • Use it to lubricate all metal parts that come in contact with each other: rollers, hinges, spring systems.
  • Then get a silicone-based lubricant also recommended by a garage door expert.
  • This lubricant doesn’t attract dust. Use it to lubricate any exterior frame weatherstripping in PVC. Apply a little to the bottom weatherstripping. Lastly, if there is PVC weatherstripping between the sections of your door, apply some there sparingly.

Check batteries

Like many devices, it slips our mind that our garage door opener remote control and exterior keyboard use batteries.

  • If you notice that your remote is slow to open or close the door when you push the button, it’s time to change the battery.
  • If you’re not sure which battery to use, go to this part of our website.

Test the safety reversal system

If your door opener was made after 1993, you have two systems that protect you against accidents:

  • The first one is mechanical: with the door open, lay a piece of wood, like a 2×4, flat on the threshold of the door, then lower the door. When coming in contact with the wood, your door should reopen. If it doesn’t, get in touch with a garage door specialist right away.
  • The second is photoelectric: while lowering the door, pass your foot in front of one of the units (placed about 4 inches from the ground on each side of the door). The door should stop and reverse its path. If this doesn’t happen, once again, contact a garage door expert.

Verify the lights on your opener

Check if the lightbulbs in your door opener are working. If needed, change them. Warning: not all door openers can use compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs – shaped like a corkscrew). Waves emitted by these bulbs may interfere with the door opener.


Make sure your outdoor lighting is working correctly

As long as we are talking about lighting, now is a good time to change the programming on any timers. Also check and change, if needed, your outdoor light bulbs around the house – for your safety and that of your loved ones. As well, take some time to clean away any spider webs, dust, or anything that could reduce their intensity.

In conclusion….

Keep in mind these tips to care for your garage door before the cold weather gets here. If you need to change your garage door, contact a garage door professional in your area. Pay them a visit to their showroom. It will be their pleasure to explain the whole range of garage doors available and advice you on the best choice to make. You can also send them a request for a quotation online.

Lastly, if you are thinking about changing your garage door in the near future, try out a design center like the one from Garaga, and there create your own garage. You can also view their image gallery.

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