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Garage doors | Top home improvement trends

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Maybe the time has come to update your home’s exterior, giving it a makeover to improve its looks and thus curb appeal. Recent research from Texas Tech University has plainly shown that enhancements to the outside of a home can boost its value up to 17%.

view of garage doors

Freshen up your front door

If it’s in good condition, just a new coat of paint will give an economical facelift to the front of your home. Painting the door a bold color and adding a few decorative accessories is the quickest and easiest project to undertake. As for the color, go with a striking color for the door and other decorative elements. Browse the sites of paint manufacturers for help on coordinating the front door with the main color of your house as well as your garage door.

Adding more modern windows can also give a new look to your front door.

view of an entry door

Put a table and some chairs on your porch

It may not be obvious, but the simple act of adding a table and chairs, whether rustic or bistro-style, can give a porch new charm. Then place a pot or planter with seasonal flowers on the table or alongside. It’s easy to find ideas in home and garden magazines, as well as holiday-oriented themes. So for a relatively small investment you can update the look of your home and reap the financial benefits of increasing its perceived value, and returning you 40 to 60% of your initial expense.

view of an entry door with chairs

Spruce up your landscaping

Flowers and fertilizer may be just what you need when upgrading your front yard. Strive to have some plants in flower at all times, from spring through fall. Visit the websites of local gardening centers or peruse reference books to learn what plants work best in your geographic zone.

Try exchanging perennials with friends and neighbors for an economical solution. Just the choice and placement of colors can make a big difference. Don’t forget about trimming overgrown shrubs and along with weeding. A neat, clean, well-put-together approach will not only impress the neighbors but possibly increase the value of your home 5 to 12%.

Front yard

Create an outdoor living area

Backyard living spaces are certainly one of the most popular trends in not only home design and renovation but also in furnishings and decor. Everyone wants to extend those inviting summer days as long as possible with comfortable and fashionable spots to welcome friends and family.

Gone are the days of a picnic table, barbeque and a few folding chairs! Outdoor kitchens, bars and fireplaces are all the rage. What’s more, with an endless supply of stunning outdoor fabrics and materials, you can now suit sofas, chairs, pillows and rugs to your tastes and budget. Your deck or patio will become the “go-to” spot at your home!

a patio with a garage door

Add or change exterior lighting for style and sophistication

In addition to enhancing the looks and tying together the outside elements of your home, lighting will make your home safer, shedding light into dark corners. Types of lighting vary greatly, from overhead and wall-mounted to lampposts and solar garden lights.

Now is a good time to re-examine your porch lights. Could you go more rustic or more modern? This is also a great place to use energy-efficient bulbs, either CFL or LED.

Exterior Lighting

Update the look of your garage door

We often forget that a garage door can take up between 30 and 40% of the front of a home. It is looming there alone or behind our parked car, yet we don’t really see it. However, when visiting a friend or family member, theirs may really catch our eye.

According to Remolding Magazine, changing the garage door really pays off. For an average cost of $1650, homeowners can recoup up to 91.5% of their investment. Not too bad for a key component of your home that should last 12 to 17 years.

Driveway with garage doors

In conclusion

  • Repaint or change your front door or main entry door./li>
  • Enhance your front porch with decorative additions.
  • Re-examine your landscaping, especially in the front yard.
  • Consider adding an exterior living space to your backyard.
  • Add outdoor lighting to highlight the home and garden while providing safety.
  • Change your garage door with an attractive new look.

Regarding this last point, contact a garage door professional in your area if you have any questions about the garage door models currently available on the market. You can also send them a request for an online quotation.

Lastly, take some time to try a tool like Garaga’s Design Centre, and create your own personal garage door. You can also view their image gallery to get more great ideas!

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