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Garage Sale | How to make a success

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Garage Sale | How to make a success

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If the robin isn’t proof enough that spring is here, then the crowds at the garage sales are a sure sign that spring has finally sprung!

It can’t be denied that when summer arrives, we all feel the need to discard items that are cluttering up the garage and house. That’s what spring cleaning is all about! Here are a few garage sale tips from Garaga, the garage door manufacturer.

Driveway with a garage sale going on


Success depends on how well you organize your garage sale:

  • Be prepared several weeks, even several months, in advance. Be aware that you have to sort, give up, clean, test, repair, label and count all the odds and ends to be included in the sale.
  • Find out about any pertinent bylaws from your municipality. Certain cities control the number and length of garage sales in their area by issuing permits. As a general rule, you aren’t allowed to hold it on the street.
  • Limit yourself to the sale of used personal objects, otherwise you’ll need a permit and sales tax registration numbers.
  • Get groups together in your neighborhood. The more the merrier! This will give your sale a party atmosphere, which is sure to draw larger crowds.
  • Finally, a little advice for those who want to sell used articles for babies, such as beds, strollers, car seats or toys. Make sure they conform to Canadian/American standards for security because you can be held responsible and sued in the event of an accident.

Advertising / Posters

The big day is approaching and you’re finally ready. Be sure to promote your event effectively to attract as many people as possible!

  • Putting up posters is key to promoting your event.
  • Using a black magic marker, write your address in big letters. You can also include the date and hour. The poster should be legible from 10 to 15 meters (30 to 50 ft) away.
  • A classified ad in your neighborhood newspaper is without a doubt a good way to spread the good news. You also can put an ad on some Online Yard Sale sites.
  • Prepare flyers or fact sheets as well as posters to put up in strategic locations in your neighborhood such as corner stores, grocery stores, banks, etc.
  • Get your family and friends to help spread the good news. Email them an invitation and ask them to talk about it. Post is on your Facebook page.

D Day

  • The day of the garage sale, put up a big poster with balloons at the end of your street as well as the busier intersections in your area to attract attention and direct people. Be ready early because the real garage sale pros tend to be early birds.
  • Make sure you have hangers for clothes and a big table so your treasures are properly displayed. Organize the different objects by category – with smaller objects wrapped in sealed bags – to increase their appeal.
  • Mark the price of articles (usually varies between 25 cents and $15) and leave some room for haggling. In fact, don’t be too rigid about the price because your main goal for the day is to have fun while cleaning out your house and garage. It’s more an opportunity to mingle with the neighbors and create a sense of community.
  • Make sure you have small change, bags, boxes and tissue paper for fragile items. Also have an extension cord and batteries on hand to show that certain articles are in working order as well as measuring tape for furniture.
  • Prepare an “End of Sale” sign if you want to boost sales and get rid of everything at the end of the day, otherwise you may want to contact a charitable organization.
  • The competition is fierce? Then be creative! Plan some entertainment, games for kids, surprise draws, music. Also be a good citizen, don’t disturb the neighbors, and make sure the garage sale site is safe.

For visitors as well as sellers, garage sales, flea markets and second-hand stores are ways to not only meet people but also uncover interesting items. What’s more, by encouraging reusing and recycling, wasting unused items and accumulation of trash are avoided, because items are sold instead of going to the junk yard or incinerator.

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