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Like we’ve said before, your garage is perhaps one of the first areas of defense when it comes to home security. If your garage attaches to your house, it’s even more important to keep everything locked and secure. Even if your garage doesn’t attach to the house, many people still keep enough valuables within the garage that it’s easy to attack.

One of the biggest things you can do is to lock every single door. Many people don’t bother to lock the door leading out of the garage, assuming that if people can’t get in through the garage door, it’s not a big problem anyway. Although it would take time, a potential thief could easily figure out which door opener a family uses, and then get one that could be easily rigged to open the garage. If the outside door wasn’t locked, they just got away with a lot more stuff than they might have otherwise. We’ll say it again: lock your doors. Even if you go in and out a lot, and it seems annoying to do, just lock your doors. It’s the easiest possible step to take.

For those even more security conscious, you can install security lights on the garage and roof. These lights can be programmed to come on a timer, or react to any sort of motion. If someone is trying to break into your house, a bright light revealing their activities is exactly the thing they don’t want to happen. Along with lights, people can install cameras as well — if you’re someone who has a lot of people come and go from the house, this is a good option. These cameras can even send footage directly to your phone, and can be controlled through them as well. It doesn’t even have to be about intruders — if you work, and your child’s coming home from school, it’s reassuring to actually see them walk into the home.

Lastly, it’s important to be all-around aware of home security in general. Someone who finds it easy to break into the garage isn’t likely to stop there. Make sure your alarm system is in good working condition — not just for the house, but for the garage as well. It’s easy to forget that someone might be interested in the contents of your garage, but it’s also just as easy to take steps against that. Much of home security starts with common sense.

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