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Great review about Garage Security Safety making a customer feel much better!

Works Great! I am not able to open the Garage from the outside anymore, Makes me feel 100% safer Now that the defender has been installed. Works with Sectional Openers Guards Latch No Tools 4-6 Second InstallationPrecision Engineered Fit and Forget It I received this product mentioned above for free. This is my honest opinion and I hope it helps in you decision weather or not to purchase the above item..

Source: A Day In the Life of US!!!

This review for the Garage Shield, formerly known as Garage Defender, demonstrates that the Garage Shield is an affordable, easy-to-use product that can be installed on virtually any garage door. The Garage Shield conveniently installs on the garage door track to block the release of the garage door from outside. This prevents thieves from breaking in using the 6 Second Break In. Protect your garage, your home, and your family with the garage shield.


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