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Garage shelving concepts that save space and add beauty.

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Garage shelving concepts that save space and add beauty.

Storage is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about garage shelf systems; however, the options here show you that these shelves can do much more.

A garage interior with a man working on his car.

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Garages are often thought of as one thing, a place to park your car. While it’s true that you do put your car in it, this space and a few brilliant ideas can turn this into a room that reflects your style and provides added storage space to your house. Here, you will find great garage shelf ideas that can change just about any garage.

In the following pages, you will learn about many different ways to change your garage with shelving and shelf systems. You will learn how to design a space that is both creative and meets your storage needs.

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Plan for Success

Proper planning prevents poor performance. You need to plan your project before you jump into the actual shelves. Jot down what you plan on storing in your garage – the weight and accessibility are important when determining shelf size, shelf materials, and location of the shelves. If you’re going to put crystal on the shelves you certainly don’t want them falling and breaking your precious glass.

You also have to think about the garage’s interior. Does it get hot inside? Is there condensation that can lead to mold or mildew? Look for signs of condensation and make sure you know what to do if you find it. If not, you could have big problems down the road.

What Can Condensation Do:

● Cause metal to rust

● Cause cloth and paper to mildew

● Cause damage to pictures

● Cause damage to paint on frames and other painted objects

● Cause mold – the most serious problem

You may not realize that you can do some things about condensation. Two of the most important things you should do are to check and repair seals around the garage door windows and the seal around your garage door.

If you don’t want to repair or install seals yourself, call a skilled garage door specialist.

Now that our prep work is out of the way, we can turn our attention to the best garage shelf ideas and discover how these ideas can benefit you and your home.

The Usual Shelf Systems

Shelf systems are more than a shelf. These systems provide more value than just a shelf. You can configure them in any setup and choose from plastic, metal, or metal and wood materials.

These plain shelf systems are nothing special to look at which means if you are after pretty and functional, you will have to do a little decorating or revamping, such as adding some paint or other things. If you don’t want to have to revamp, you can look at some other options, as we will look at here.

However, note that most of these are pretty plain, so if aesthetics matter to you, you’ll want to spruce them up. A coat of paint might do the trick, but you can go with other options if you like. Let’s take a closer look at what each type of shelf system offers.

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Exploring the Available Shelf Systems

Plastic – These are the most widely available shelves. You can get them online, in small neighborhood shops, or the big retailers. They are the most economical option but surprisingly able to hold more weight than you might think, despite being lightweight. But, these are not made to hold very heavy, large items like paint buckets and power tools.

Metal/Wood – The shelves are normally made with a metal frame and have shelves made from wood or faux wood like pressboard. These shelves are easily stained and not good for areas with moisture because they can deteriorate more quickly than plastic or all metal. These are typically easy to find and can hold a lot of weight but not as much weight as a metal shelf.

All-Metal – These shelves are the most durable and heavy-duty of all the shelves. You can find solid metal shelves or wire-rack-type shelves. The wire rack shelves are good but they can be problematic and cause wobbling. These are the most commercial-looking shelves.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves can be found in metal, wood and metal, or all wood. These shelves are attached to the garage wall with anchors to hold them in place. Although these are normally sold in single units, you can find sets of wall-mounted shelves.

Wall-Mounted Shelf Considerations

Floor space is saved.

● Freestanding shelf systems provide more storage volume.

● Wall-mounted shelves can be installed wherever they are needed, making them flexible.

● If aesthetics are important, wall-mounted shelves look better than free-standing shelves.

Overhead Shelf Systems

These shelving systems are installed overhead and hand down from the ceiling. An upright is extended down from the ceiling and supports a metal shelf.

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Overhead System Consideration

Floor space is completely freed up; in a garage, this can be huge.

● The garage door may be in the way of some shelves, it can’t be blocked.

● Some shelves can be configured to make use of the empty space over the garage door.

● Overhead doors free up more floor space but can’t store as much as other systems.

You can add storage to your garage with a shelving system that meets your needs and your own personal takes. But, you also need to look at your garage before you make a final choice.

Is your garage door up to date and in good shape or does it need some maintenance? Call skilled garage door professionals to help you decide if you need repairs or a new garage door.

Don’t let the the cost of a garage door dissuade you. Remove the old, uninsulated garage door and prevent moisture from coming into the garage.

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