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Your garage security is important, as it is the largest entry point into your home and few if any actually lock the door between their home and the garage.   Worse yet, statistically ⅓ of all home invasions started out as a simple burglary, and 60% of those become rape crimes.   Why take chances on your home security system by assuming your garage security is firmly established?  A alarm system is simply not enough, as when the police do show up, if there is no sign of forced entry (meaning, the criminal used the 6-second break-in and left no evidence they are inside your garage), the cops will simply leave and report it as a false alarm!

Garage Security and Break In Prevention

The garage shield is an affordable anti-theft device that blocks the 6 second breakin. With this device installed on your garage, thieves can’t release the garage door from the tack and enter your home. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to an intruder in your home, just because you didn’t install a garage shield, which takes only seconds to install and without tools, on your garage door!   No reason to become a statistic, act now to secure garage door openers today!


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