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Garage Wall Ideas You’ll Love

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Garage Wall Ideas You’ll Love

Garages have always felt like empty space. Whether you choose to park your vehicles in them or simply reserve garages for personal storage – they are generally plain and mundane. The floors usually exist of plain concrete with unfinished or finished walls that are just as dull as the rest of the room. Have you ever considered improving the presentation of your garage.

shelves, boxes and other garage wall ideas

Decorating garage walls is a relatively new, yet trendy new homeowner renovation. It is something that’s simple and easy to improve on your home, and can make it stand out from the rest of your neighbors. So how are you going to decorate your garage walls? If you need a little motivation we present you with garage wall ideas you’ll love:

“The Shop”

The most old-fashioned yet practical way to improve your garage is to add storage to your walls.

Garages work well as a makeshift shop that includes all your tools and accessories. These not only include machinery and tools for automotive care, but also for the rest of the home. There are numerous ways you can use the wall space to free up the clutter that’s likely building up and stacked on the garage floor.

Here are a few common or trendy ideas:


If you have the craftsmanship (or know someone with these skills) it is hard to beat the look of added cabinets and shelving to a garage. Of course this option costs more than many of the other alternatives (listed below), but also presents the most classiest look.

What person doesn’t need more storage space in their home? Garages are often neglected and instead of stacking up all the items on the floor, get organized and build some new cabinets to store items in a logical order.

The possibilities are endless!

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a tried and true method of freeing up storage and focusing on placing as many items as you can potentially store on the walls. What is great about wire shelving is the materials are cheap and it’s quick to install (unlike building new finish cabinets).

Other ways to store things on garage walls include simple and inexpensive items like baskets and hooks. You will be surprised how much you can get off the floor and on your walls with simple, straightforward wired shelving.

Long-Handled Tool Rack

No one probably knows who invented the concept of a long-handled tool rack in a garage, but it’s a great idea! You have probably noticed that a lot of tools that end up in your garage have long handled. Consequently, they don’t fit most shelving. Often the cheap solution is to stack them all in a corner of the garage. However doing so makes it difficult to find the tool you need and items are prone to fall off.

You can replace that mess and organize all your long-handled tools simply by building racks that support things like shovels, string trimmers, and rakes.

garage tool rack

Corner Shelving

The storage space in corners can often get maximized far more than its current state. When you build shelves into the corners, you can take advantage of existing studs and install fast, cheap shelving methods.

All you really need for quick, inexpensive options is to track down some scrap plywood and cut it down to size. 1×1 cleats will support the weight considering you probably won’t have anything too heavy in these spots. Corner shelves work really well for storing small items like polishes, oils, glues, and waxes which get overpowered and lost on larger shelving units.

Ceiling Track Storage

One of our favorites on the list is garage ceiling track storage. It is a newer concept that basically places large plastic storage bins directly to the ceiling of the garage.

In order to build ceiling track storage, you’ll 2x2s to screw into the ceiling framing. Then, with the bins as your guide you can space them with the 2x2s. The lips on the bins should just brush up against the wood when you slide the bins into place.

Ceiling storage in your garage works well for items like seasonal holiday decorations and camping gear that you may not need to access as often.

“The Man Cave”

If you are unlike some homeowners that truly need their garage for storage space you can always focus on decorating a garage and its walls based off a theme.

garage man cave with a pool table

Sports Fanatic

Once again, assuming that garages are more often accessed and used by men one suggestion is to build the room into a personal man cave. Most guys have a favorite sports team or activity that they pursue.

For example, you could decorate the garage in the colors of your favorite college football program. You could build a flat screen TV into the wall so you can even catch a game while your tinkering around with the car.


One cool suggestion we saw of late is an avid fly fisherman built a unit on the garage wall to house all his rods and fishing gear. Most outdoorsman will find that the equipment and gear associated with their beloved passion is bulky or heavy. Therefore, the garage is often a desirable location.

For example, hunters may find garage walls as the most suitable spot to hang mounts.

“All-Purpose Solutions”

The garage isn’t just reserved for a man. Women have many different uses for a garage too. If you find that is the case in your home there are many other ways to use wall space in a garage as your friend.

Crafts Workshop

There are many people that work with their hands to create artistic crafts and other specialty products. If you find that you are constantly battling for space in the rest of the home why not establish the garage as your official work space?

You can use the walls to install slatwall panel or pegboard to hang all your tools and supplies. Bulletin boards also fit well on large garage walls where you can organization whatever you so chose on them.

Garage Wall Mural

One of our favorite ideas is to use the garage as a place of art. If you are a talented artist, or know a friend, why not decorate the wall with a custom mural? It will surely impress your friends and family the next time they are in town and stopping by the house.

More Space with a Custom Size Garage

These garage wall ideas will free up space on the floor and make the room much more organized. Some homeowners find out that after installing shelving and other things on garage walls it frees up enough space to finally fit that car back in the garage!

However, installing some shelves on the garage wall will not give you enough space. In any case, the dimensions of your garage will restrict you from storing your second or third car. You won’t be able to store away your winter and fall equipment.

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