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Glass Garage Doors: Benefits And Drawbacks

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Glass Garage Doors: Benefits And Drawbacks

When you see a glass garage door, it’s difficult to see routine garage doors the very same method.

We do not have anything versus more conventional garage doors … in truth, we suggest and install them all the time. Simply look at simply a few of the ones we have actually done for our clients here in Utah:

Inspect out our glass garage door gallery for more examples of our glass garage door setups!

Although we utilize the term “glass garage doors” often, it is a little a misnomer. These doors aren’t simply made from glass– they’re generally an aluminum frame with glass inserts, though some choices might be offered for steel. A lot of providers have a particular line of product for the design and utilize that in their terms, such as Vista by Amarr, Athena by Martin Door, Avante by Clopay, and Modern Classic by Northwest Door.

If you’re thinking about a glass garage door for your house, there are some benefits and drawbacks to thoroughly think about.

Pros of Glass Garage Doors

  1. Natural light. Dark areas are harder to operate in, and garages typically do not have sufficient natural or synthetic light. Having a floor-to-ceiling series of windows actually assists to let in more light, and frosted, tinted, or mirror glass can enable light in while still preserving personal privacy.
  2. Style options. Glass garage doors may appear like the sort of thing that can just be pulled off with a modern-day house, they are more flexible than you may believe. Door makers supply a variety of colors, surfaces, and patterns to pick from that appearance excellent with other designs of houses.
  3. Curb appeal and resale worth. Front-facing garage doors are among the more popular, visible functions of a house, using up as much as 40% of the exterior. Glass garage doors truly offer a “wow” aspect to a house’s general visual, specifically when indoor lighting is utilized to highlight the function. It likewise assists that a brand-new garage door is among the very best cost/value remodel jobs you can make to enhance the worth of your house.
  4. Adaptability. Overhead glass doors aren’t simply popular in garages– they can likewise be utilized in creative methods to improve a mixed-use area. At our head office in Sandy, Utah, we utilize a glass door to divide our conference area from our call center to keep the sound levels down for everybody and still enable natural light.

Cons of Glass Garage Doors

  1. Expense. The precise quantity differs depending on what you’re comparing it to, the bottom line is that you can anticipate a glass garage door to cost approximately two times as much as a routine steel garage door. This is primarily due to the products and making procedures utilized to develop the doors, plus the additional care in shipment and setup.
  2. Insulation. Even with insulated glass, windows are less energy effective than conventional products. And although windows permit heat by means of solar radiation (light) to go into in, this might or might not be preferable depending upon your environment. This can be decreased by utilizing a mirror or tint surface on the glass.
  3. Care and cleansing. Every garage door requires a great cleansing every now and then, however big glass windows can gather dust and dirt on the outdoors and look really filthy really rapidly, specifically with a mirror or tint surface. A fast rinse with soap and water will do the technique.
  4. Effect resistance. Where steel and other metals tend to damage or bend, glass is most likely to break. While the tempered glass does not posture an extra security threat (it breaks without shattering into pieces, like a windscreen), it might be more vulnerable to physical accidents such as little animals, baseballs or basketballs, and so on.

Alternatives to Complete Glass Garage Doors

Although glass garage doors might be excessively expensive depending upon your budget plan, there are numerous options that are more cost effective and provide a lot of the advantages without a few of the downsides.

Single Panel Windows

Among the more useful methods to permit more light into a garage without breaking the bank is to have a row of windows on a single panel. This permits a great quantity of daytime light without all of the additional expense of complete glass. Plus, the choices for color, shape, and window surface use a great deal of options for practically any kind of house. Windows are most frequently put on the leading panel, however can likewise be placed lower for useful or visual functions, such as when an archway would partly conceal the leading panel.

Flush Panels with Side Windows

While maybe not as contemporary as complete glass doors, a flush (flat) panel with side windows can truly upgrade the appearance of a house rapidly. We like the method these appearance and suggest them extremely to our consumers.

Combined Windows

For an appearance with more range, some producers likewise will do a combined window plan. This usually works finest with brief panels in addition to a window design and door color that match the house well. When executed effectively, this design truly stands apart.


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