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Great Tips on How to Design a Nature Style Home with Colin & Justin

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Great Tips on How to Design a Nature Style Home with Colin & Justin

Justin and Colin gave their famous Long Beach cottage serious curb appeal with the California, a Garaga’s full-view garage door. Magnificent, as the say!

California Garage Door, with Black color frame, and Sandblasted glass windows

Colin and Justin, the 2 most famous Scottish home designers ever, fell in love with the Californias, our full-view panoramic garage doors. They are not ashamed to proclaim it loud and clear in their videos, articles, Instagram posts.

You just love the “Nature Vibe” that is so much in style in home designing?

Learn how to create the quintessence of this fabulous look with this Colin & Justin full guide on how they designed the exterior of their spectacular Long Beach cottage to create a lasting first impression.

Justin and Colin, the most famous design duo

“Find the sweet spot between Nature and Nurture.
It’s all about whispering design.
But whispering it in a very glamourous way.” – Colin

Colin and Justin Long Beach Cottage Makeover

You’re building something new, but you want it to be harmonious with the surroundings:

  • Use a natural palette.
  • You’re going for something calm, subtle. And yet impactful.
  • Add layered textures.
  • Use natural material.
  • Try not to SCREAM!

“Not too urban. Not too suburbs.” – Justin

You want it to look like it belongs here. Make it merge with the beautiful natural décor.

You don’t want anything to overwhelm, especially when view from the lake or from the mountain.

“Hands up if you think garages are sexy? Well you have to think again!”, says Colin.

California Garage Door, with Black color frame, and Sandblasted glass windows

The garage and its garage door. It’s always there. And people don’t think too much about it. This wasted slab, with little panels on it, and you’re like. “Well, Ok.“

You have to change your thinking!

That’s it! You’re in love with a garage door! Explore all its frame colors and window options.

“Think of your garage door as another accessory.” – Justin

When you start home improving, you want to change everything. From your exterior color scheme, to the sidings, the lighting, the roof, and even the landscaping. You’re thinking of improving everything on your property. CHANGE THE GARAGE DOOR AS WELL! Otherwise, it will just be a 9’x7’ bland space.

The California, with Black color frame, and Sandblasted glass window, by GARAGA

“We saw this great full-view frosted glass by GARAGA.
And it’s absolutely incredible! The great thing about it?
It’s super modern, so it looks great in the structure. It adds square lines and light by day. BUT at night, when the lights are on in the garage, it looks like a Spectacular Giant Lantern! You get this beautiful glow.” – Justin

So, the California full-view garage door is really amazing by day and super beautiful by night.

Other Architectural Exterior Details

“It’s all about textures. It’s all about gray scale. It’s all about not being overbearing with the landscape and stealth approach.” – Justin

Long Beach Cottage Exterior - Great color scheme

The Exterior Color Scheme: The palette is significantly gray

Justin and Colin Long Beach cottage makeover: The stone on the chimney is the same inside too.

The California full-view garage doors create great inside/outside spaces too!

  • From your living room to the pool
  • From your kitchen to your patio
  • For in-style covered decks
  • To open your view of the lake or the mountain

So go ahead, think outside the box!

This garage door enhances so much more spaces than your garage.

You’re dreaming of it?
Discover all the California options.

You want to see a bit more of Colin and Justin?

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