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Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

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Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Operation

One of the most overlooked ‘appliances’ in your home is the garage door. You press a button. It goes up. It goes down. Seems simple enough…right?

Not really. Like every other mechanical device you own – your cars, your kitchen and laundry appliances, and your heating and cooling systems, etc. – your garage door and its operating system needs to be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function correctly. Never take a garage door system for granted; always use extreme caution when working on it or near it. While at it’s face, a garage door can seem like a simple machine that only goes up and down, the mechanics involved, it’s size, and it’s weight make it one of the most dangerous ‘appliances’ in or around your home.

You can perform some simple safety and maintenance tasks yourself to keep your garage door operation smooth and safe. Other tasks – such as spring repair/replacement, track and roller repair/replacement, and door installation – are jobs best left to trained service professionals. You can learn more about routine maintenance, safety procedures, and when to call in a professional for an inspection in our blog.

Just as it is common practice to have your home’s heating and cooling systems checked annually, it’s also a good idea to have your door checked annually by a qualified service technician to ensure that it continues to work properly and effectively. We have service professionals located throughout North Carolina who serve your local area. If it’s been a while since your garage door and it’s operating system has been inspected, or if you’re having trouble with the door, it’s mechanics, or the opener, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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