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Hang a Bike on Your Garage Wall

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Hang a Bike on Your Garage Wall

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If you are looking for a way to hang your bike on your garage wall to conserve space, proceed with caution. If you fail to securely fasten your bike to the garage wall or ceiling, it can tumble on out and not only become damaged itself, but also damage your vehicle or even your child.

Those who’d like to hang a child’s bike in the garage should opt to place it on the wall or a bike stand rather than the ceiling so that the child can access it with ease.

An adult’s bike can be placed on either the wall or the ceiling. Be sure to use heavy-duty hooks with a plastic coating that you can hook right onto the tire and turn the bike upside down. These types of hooks will function as a solid means of support and they’ll also prevent your bike from accumulating scratches.

Take a moment to measure the bike so that you can accommodate it with the proper spacing before you actually get to work. When you go to install the hooks, don’t place them in any old place.

Bike hanging on a wall

How it’s Done

As this video shows, be sure to hit a ceiling joist when you install the hooks. You can find the ceiling joists in the attic. Or, utilize a stud finder on the garage ceiling.

Determine exactly what direction the joists run and how far from the wall the first one starts. Proceed to make a measurement in your garage and verify the joist location with a small nail. Drill pilot holes that are slightly smaller than the hook threads to ensure stability. Take care to verify that the second hook also hits a ceiling joist as well.

If the bike hanging tips outlined above seem a bit intimidating to you, consider your other options. As this Garage How To video shows, there are other options. If you are looking for an economically efficient solution, follow the video’s advice and utilize a large nail and a bungee cord.

Other Options

You can also opt for a wall mounted folding bike rack. Firmly mount it to the wall, fold up the arms and hang the bike. The wall mounted folding bike rack offers extra convenience as it comes with a shelf where you can store your riding sneakers or helmet. If you’d like to keep your garage walls clear, go ahead and utilize a ceiling mounted hoist. Mount it to the ceiling, attach the hooks and hoist the bike to the garage roof with pulleys.

If you are attempting to store your child’s bike in the garage in a manner that will conserve space, don’t assume that mounting it on the wall is best. Give a bicycle floor parking rack a try.

This piece of equipment is also referred to as a bike stand. Some are large enough to accommodate up to three bicycles. They are ideal for diminutive youngsters who aren’t yet strong enough to lift their bikes up to the traditional wall mounted rack.

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