Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

Installing home alarm systems is another means of protecting your possessions that you value and the people you love the most at home. Alarm systems are very much popular nowadays. Today’s Alarm systems range from wired home alarm systems to wireless alarm systems, from “do-it-yourself” alarm systems to a more sophisticated and highly advanced alarm systems.
Home alarm systems prevent any burglar attempts in your home or fires. In most alarm systems (especially the more advanced ones), the control box of the system activates a loud noise (most of the time a siren), flashing lights and an auto dialer that automatically dials an emergency number (like 9-1-1). This alerts the owners or the occupant of the house and the police that an intruder or intruders have or has broken into the house or alerts the occupant or the fire department that the house is on fire. An auto dialer calls the police or fire department or an emergency number play then plays a recorded message which gives away the address of the house. Some auto dialer calls the security company that installed the alarm system and then the security company will then call the police or fire department or an emergency number and relay the information them. Some auto dialer even calls the cellular phone of the owner of the house if the owner is away on vacation or at work.
Some sophisticated home alarm systems have motion detectors and heat sensors that detect movement and body heat or heat changes inside and outside of the house. The motion sensors detect the opening of doors and windows or any movement inside of the house. If the motion sensors detect any movement inside the house or if the windows or doors are opened without disarming the system, the system will eventually trigger the alarm which usually is a loud noise and flashing lights.
Some home alarm systems have a close circuit cameras that observe the insides and outsides of the house. Close circuit cameras act as a visual surveillance system of the house. Close circuit cameras capture images of burglars or any individuals who are within its parameters.
For those who want to install home alarm systems in their house, always choose an effective home alarm system or if you want to employ experts or a security company to install an alarm system in your house, always make sure that that company can be trusted and delivers what they promise. Make sure that the installation does not involve third parties. Read and review the contract agreement carefully before signing and know what is included in the warranty and its period. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially tough ones. After all it’s your home that you want to be protected.


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