Home Security Alarm

Home Security Alarm

In the United States, a fire department responds to a call every 19 seconds. Residential fires occur every 79 seconds. A fire doubles in size every 18 seconds. 82% of fire deaths occur in the home. There are 3900 deaths every year due to fire. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds. Burglary costs homeowners an average of $1700 a year.

These statistics are good reasons for homeowners to utilize home security alarm systems. Two of the top providers in the U.S. are ADT and Brinks.

ADT, in business for over 130 years, is the number one home security alarm system provider in the United States. Responsible for U.S. Federal courthouses, many busy airports and service to over 6 million customers, ADT continues to establish a solid record.

Standard ADT Home Security Alarm systems include basic burglary protection. The basic program is almost identical to other basic programs. Control center, keypad for command entry, hardwired sensors for doors and windows, interior sounding alarm, hardwired sensors to detect motion, standard transformer, standard battery backup, warning decals for windows and warning signs for yards.

Superior systems feature several add-ons. ADT rewards loyal customers. Those who stay with the company for more than two years then change residences can qualify for the premium mover package. This package gives the customer a free ADT system for their new home and a discount coupon toward service upgrades.

Brink’s Home Security provides alarm systems for homeowners. Brink’s is the only full service national security provider certified by the National Burglary and Fire Alarm Association with Installation Quality Certification.

Purchasing a home security alarm system from Brink’s means dealing with well-trained, certified personnel. Rapid Response is the company motto. Like ADT, Brink’s both installs and monitors home security alarm systems.

The company website is user friendly. So is the Brink’s home security alarm keypad. One of the biggest concerns for home security alarm users, after price, is ability to use the control pad. If the system is too complicated, customers tend to leave the system off.

Entering commands into the Brink’s keypad is a matter of touching only one key. No sequence of keys to write down because they’re hard to remember. No sequence of commands to worry about.

The Brink’s standard system provides the same features as that of most competitors. A standard, one-touch keypad, 2 door or window sensors, one motion detector, one interior siren, one control panel, a yard sign and window stickers.
Optional add-ons include strobe light, outdoor siren, moisture sensor, heat sensor, glassbreak sensor, temperature sensor, and more.

Homeowners looking to install a home security alarm system from ADT or Brink’s will be dealing with well-known companies who have worked hard to build good reputations. Not all cities offer both companies at this time but both are expanding more and more.

Both companies possess qualities consumers should look for. Well trained, customer service oriented personnel, quality products, and competitive pricing. ADT and Brink’s have both been providing home security alarm systems to homeowners for years. Customers can trust that the companies will probably be around for a long time to come.


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