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Home Security Light: The First Security Provider

Home Security Light: The First Security Provider

The first step to prevention of home invasion would be as simple as a security light. It keeps away those who want to illegally enter in plain sight and also provides comfort for the home owner. Recently added technologies such as alarms, security cameras, security networking and other accessories cost much more as compared to home security lighting.

Motion sensor lighting control is one of the most outstanding inventions in this modern era. A survey shows that 60% of people say that home security lights are the best way to secure their homes from burglars. Solar Centurion is wonderful for security lighting or expediency lighting in the yard, garage and gate of the home and even on streets.

These security lights turn on by means of a sensor. The sensor, which is used in these lights, is of two kinds, infrared and microwave. Microwave sensors are more widely used when compared to the other one. These sensors send out very high frequency radio waves. The sensor has the ability to tell when someone is coming under the light as the person or the object suspends the radio waves. When the disruption is sensed, this sets the light to turn on. The second type is the infrared sensor. These sensors will respond to the temperature and heat. When a warm object comes in the range of the sensor, it will trigger the light to turn on. Other examples of home security lighting include low-pressure sodium vapour lights and floodlights.

The lights, which are used, are of two kinds, external lights and internal lights. Light in the home lies in the category of internal lights such as the lights of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen etc. Mostly homes have passive infra-red (PIR) restricted tungsten halogen floodlights. This is available outside the home such as in the yard and at the gate or in the street. Some of the advanced lights have automatic system to turn on and off. Some PIR units have been formed to chime as well as turn on the light.

Designer series of many light-manufacturing companies consist of motion sensor technology with decorative light fittings. This makes the light more attractive and striking. In some cases the multi lens technology is used which provides the safety at its peak point. Discounted and low energy light bulbs are often used in those states where crime is at very high level and the income is very low. In a nutshell we may say that the home security light has the easiest installation and cheapest way of security.

Some of the advantages of using outdoor motion sensor security lights are when you are away from home and the sensors detect any motion within their range, the lights will brighten the entire yard or direction they are pointed in. This will definitely give you a better sense of security since it has been proved that homes with security lights are less prone to be attacked by burglars. Security lights are manufactured to suit every budget and come in various designs, from wireless to ones that are to be fit.

If you are home late, and its dark the motion lights are quite a blessing at such times. On a funny note it acts as an effective pest control mechanism, keeping away skunks, raccoons, rabbits etc because none of these pest like to be in bright light. Security light help in saving costs as they only come on when required unlike other light that need to be left on day and night. Studies by security light manufactures have shown that Energy savings can vary from ten to fifteen percent of the entire lighting power use which is mainly because of the use of the EMS or energy management system technology.

With all the pros mentioned, the outdoor motion sensor security lights can be quite a gain to the home security and the final decision to get one is definitely left to homeowners.

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