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How to Convert Your Garage into Your Home Office?

If there is one benefit of isolating in our homes, it’s that we’ve seen their issues and potentials. Many of us have seen the need for a dedicated office space. Only where will we find the room for it?

If you need a dedicated office and you have an underused garage, the answer is obvious—convert that lonely garage to a highly functional office.

Planning is the key to success.

Garaga Garage Doors is a highly professional outfit with a real grasp on how to make garages functional, both as garages and as newly converted, dedicated offices.

While choosing and installing a beautiful new door is a definite beginning, a lot goes into transforming a garage into a dedicated office space. Take a look at some of the important questions you should ask yourself to get started on this critical project.

Eastman E-12, 14' x 7', Claystone door and Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Orion windows

Do you like this look? This an Eastman E-12 garage door (R-16 insulated) from the Townships Collection, 14′ x 7′, Claystone door and Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Orion windows

Question 1 – How Do You Know If You Need A New Garage Door?

A garage door is easy to take for granted. How would you know if you needed a new one? First, take a look at it from the outside. Does it still match the appearance of your house? How old is it? Many of us don’t realize garage doors are not intended to last the life of the home. Is it showing wear? Dedicated office or not, often installing a new garage door can improve the appearance of a home as well as increase its value.

It’s also important to ask whether or not your current door can protect the interior of the garage from pests, temperature extremes, and the weather.

It’s fairly easy to evaluate the serviceability of your door by stepping into the garage and asking a few questions. Is it too hot or too cold for working conditions? Can you see light around the door that might signal where air leaks and insect access might occur? What other creatures might be able to get in? Again, whether or not you create a dedicated office in the garage, you might need a new door. For the most productivity, your garage door needs to be an asset, not a hindrance.

Garage Door Model: Standard+ Vog, 10' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Do you like this look? This is Standard+ Vog (R-16 insulated), 10′ x 7′, Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Question 2 – What Will You Be Doing in Your New Office?

Consider making a list of the activities you anticipate you’ll perform in your office.

  • Will you be laying your work on a staging area? Will you need tables as well as a functional desk?
  • You’re sure to need some type of storage as well. What kind of files and hardware will you need to access regularly?
  • Will you need a lounging area to get a little space from your work or conference space to meet with clients?

Home office picture - Abondant light and clean desk help getting work done

Photo credit: Unsplash

Try to be comprehensive in your list, since accommodating each of these elements will be necessary in order to achieve a really functional office.

Besides making it an office, what else will you need to have happened in your garage?

It’s important not just to think on the ground level. Could you install a loft area in the garage as well, giving you more space for work, recreation, and hobbies? Check out the blog Love Property for ways to create a loft space.

Many garages are still used for storage even after this conversion. What will you want to bring in from the outside? Take a look at Decoist for creative ways to convert a garage home office to include space for important personal items.

Maybe you also want to store some larger items as well, things like gardening supplies and sports gear. In this case, make sure you stay with a functional garage door rather than framing in that space and closing off access to the outside.

Question 3 – How Can You Be Sure You Got the Flow Right?

As novices, our creativity can only take us so far. There comes the point when we need a freelance interior designer to make sure we’ve thought of all the essentials.

Truly professional designers are only interested in helping you fulfill your goals for your new workspace. Their priority is to assist you, not to impose their ideas on your dreams.

Experts who are devoted to their craft will not make the project more difficult. Instead, they will answer the questions you’ll have with insight and goodwill. They, too, want your space to work for you.

Remember, regardless of what the designers might suggest, ultimately, all the decisions will be yours. Experts are always open for dialogue and are willing to discuss their suggestions and insights.

A major concern you’ll have to deal with is flooring. Since most garage floors are cement, you’ll have to decide how to make that a workable, comfortable surface—perhaps with vinyl, area rugs, or carpet. The priority is to remember what you want to accomplish in the space and how to make it comfortable enough for that.

Then to, think of the walls and what sort of treatments you need. How will you light the room? What will make the new office feel like part of your house?

While you’re exercising your creativity, consider accessories like pendant lights. They furnish wonderful lighting and are attractive as well.

Home office in Black & White with 3 tables made with painting trestles

Photo credit: Pixabay

Question 4 – What About Practical Steps?

Creativity does not preclude dealing with the nuts and bolts of making the new space functional.

For instance, remember that garages are known to accumulate humidity. You’ll also need to have adequate insulation to prevent temperature extremes.

The insulation itself will not prevent you from the requirement of a heater in the winter and an air conditioner for the summer heat.

One of the beautiful surprises in store for you is the recognition that converting a garage into an office makes it a real part of your home, an extra living space.

To enhance the effect of livability, you’ll want some more personal touches. Perhaps you read this and get nervous about the cost. Remember, all that has been suggested is far less expensive than adding a new room onto the house to serve as your office.

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